March 01, 2016

 Pangaea Newsletter for March 2016

Hello, this is Nomunomu who helps with activities in the Tokyo Honest Village. From this month onward, I’ll be taking over from Jyoko as the Newsletter Editor.
I’ve been helping with activities in Pangaea for around one year as of this month.
I’m really grateful for this amazing year that I’ve spent taking part in the fun activities and events together with everyone.
Anyway, for this month’s newsletter, I would like to tell you about the KISSY 2016 applications for participants and an article about Pangaea Playing Cards!

1. Pangaea Summer School: KISSY 2016! Applications for participants now open
2. Pangaea Playing Cards – Honest Village Edition –

1. Pangaea Summer School: KISSY 2016! Applications for participants now open
This month we’ll be holding the Third Pangaea Summer School: KISSY (Kyoto Intercultural Summer School for Youths) running for 7 nights and 8 days, from Saturday, 30 July to Saturday, 6 August 2016!

Last year, we had children from all over Japan, as well as children from Kenya, South Korea, Cambodia and U.S.A (28 children in total) taking part.
The children were divided into teams which were made up of children from different countries. Then, with the theme “We are likable/important”, they created several activities where they looked at cultural differences together. Using the unique Pangaea IT stickers, they were able to discuss the theme so even if they didn’t speak English, they could still take part. (It’s would make sense that children from other countries wouldn’t be able to use English as well)
I think that many of the children in Japan, even though they haven’t been to any other countries, felt they had an experience as if they were studying abroad.

■ Summary
Name: Kyoto Intercultural Summer School for Youths (KISSY)
Running: Sat 30 July to Sat 6 August (8 days, 7 nights)
Place: Clock Tower Centennial Hall, Kyoto University
Countries taking part (as per last year): Kenya, South Korea, Cambodia, U.S.A., Japan
Sponsored by: Ishida & Matsubara Laboratories, Department of Social Informatics, Kyoto University.

If you would be interested in donating to the KISSY Summer School, please feel free to email Takuto Shirakawa at
We can't wait to see you there!

2. Pangaea Playing Cards - Honest Village Edition -
Pangaea Playing Cards game is an activity in which everyone, including Pangaea groups from outside Japan, make playing cards.
In last month's newsletter, we heard about how Yuji from the Kyoto Univ. Village took the children on a field trip in order to help them make their playing cards.
The children in the Tokyo Honest Village have also been making their own playing cards since Fall.

In November, everyone went on a field trip to Tokyo University and the National Museum of Science and Nature.
As they were walking around, even though Tokyo is filled with famous sites and tourist attractions, the children seemed to be content with just going to a nearby pond and spending time with the ducks and other local wildlife.
One boy took a photograph of a duck that was very lively, which he then drew into a lovely picture during the activities in December. It was impressive how he put all his effort into creating it as well as asking for advice.
In addition, when we went to the National Museum of Science and Nature, there was a video about the history of the planet, which included the Pangaea super-continent! Everyone was so excited to see that.

Please see below for photographs from the field trip.

During the activities in December and January, everyone was able to use the computers to start making for real a layout for the playing cards game.
Most of the children couldn't decide on a layout, so one girl chose to take on the role of the big sister and promptly took the lead.
Children from the Kashiwa-no-Ha group also came to the Tokyo Honest Village, so they added photographs relating to Kashiwa-no-Ha as well.
I look forward to finding out how this year's playing cards game will turn out!

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