January 28, 2012

 January 2012 OK Village Activity in Tokyo, Japan

At OK Village in Tokyo, Japan, children started making “Viscuit” animation with the theme of winter. IMG_0783_blog.jpg Playing cards that they prepared last year have completed! IMG_0782_blog.jpg

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January 21, 2012

 Support by Hitachi CSR Program "Growing Tree" Decided

It has been decided that Pangaea is going to get support from Hitachi, Ltd. Through its volunteer support program "Growing Tree", with the recommendation from Mr. Toshihide Yoshioka, who is an employee of Hitachi and Pangaea volunteer. The support will be for the "facilitator volunteer training for the children's international program" to be implemented in Tokyo and Kyoto in 2012.

Volunteer trainings are one of the most important aspects to spread Pangaea activities. The training will cover not only the skills and the activity details, but also the global views and the understanding to the cultural diversity.

Mr. Yoshoka, thank you so much for your recommendation to Pangaea!

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January 04, 2012

 Pangaea Newsletter - January 2012

+ Message from Yumiko Mori, Chairman of Pangaea
+ Activity Report in December 2011

Message from Yumiko Mori, Chairman of Pangaea
A happy new year 2012!

As I write this, my feelings are quiet as a year ends and a new one starts, which is different from past years. Last year started in the south of Vietnam. In March, we needed to cancel our activities in Tokyo due to the unprecedented earthquake. And it ended in Vietnam where I stayed till 22nd. During this year, we could finalize the partnership with Kenya National Museum and prepared for NGO Pangaea in Kenya. It went away so quickly.

In 2011, we have implemented the pilot project to deliver agricultural knowledge to the farmers through their children in Vinh Long Province of Mekong Delta, Vietnam. This year, we are preparing for the actual implementation of this model. In Kenya, Pangaea's implementation is planned as the project to promote multi-cultural (multi-tribal) understanding from National Museum. I went back and forth Kenya and Vietnam multiple times, and at each location, I could get friends who would understand and work together with us. Sometimes I am discouraged, but I feel like I am going over the mountain together with them day by day.

Among the volunteer members who work for Pangaea at each site, some have finished facilitator leader training to lead the excellent activities at multiple places. Also this year, 8 people (!) who were involved in Vietnam project got babies. Hanaphoo, whom everybody knows let me know that he got a baby this month. These days, I feel more and more certain that children are the ones who shape the future. It is important to think what we can do as adults, and act. Thank you so much for your support this year as well.

Currently, Pangaea is in the middle of its donation campaign to obtain 3,000 JPY or more donations from 100 or more supporters. According to the revision of the Japanese law that took effect in June last year, Pangaea will be certified as the NPO that can give tax benefit to its donors, assuming it can obtain 3,000 JPY or more donations from 100 or more supporters each year. Thank you so much for those of you who have shown support to us so far. Please take this opportunity to support our activity by donating 3,000 JPY or more. Please see more detail from below:

Activity Report in December 2012
December activity was the last one of the year at Korea UNESCO MIZY Center.

At OK Village in Tokyo, Japan, children prepared Christmas Cards with Christmas tree pop-ups in December activity.

At Kyoto Univ. Village, too, children prepared Christmas Cards with Christmas tree pop-ups in December activity.

In December at Kyoto International School (KIS) children draw items as materials for the animation.

At Mie Univ. Pangaea activity on December 3rd, all participants sang "Happy Birthday" together for those who were born in December.

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