May 21, 2007

 Translator Volunteer Wanted!!

20070521_maripi-_A-kun.gif During the last weekend in Tokyo, we had a meeting with Web Page team, then acitivity on Saturday in Shibuya, and Facilitator training in Tokyo on Sunday. On our Web page meeting, we discussed that recent increase on English, Korean, and German Web page access. Also blog page in Japanse section is so much richer than others, and for Korean and German section, we still don't have Blog. This is due to the problem of translation. I write in Japanese on our blog, but then I don't write in English. Or sometimes I write in English, then I don't translate in Japanese...For Korean and German, I can't write.. So we discussed what we can do. We are now the partner for Langrid Project at NICT. So I do correspond with Vienna Staff regularly using Langrid system. It is Machine Translation System which is wonderful for me. But we were not able to solve Web Page problem before.

We now decided to use this system for German and Korean for Web page. We will ask volunteers to use it to translate updated blog information. But we still need native check to make sure things sound OK. So Translator or Proofreader volunteers are wanted!!! Those of you who read this blog and have some time to help us, please let me know. When all blogs can be shared, there are many interesting stories I like to share. We will challenge this task from end of June. Please write toif you are interested.

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May 15, 2007

 Seoul Activity and Facilitator Training Session

20070512_IMGP1781.JPG We were in Seoul for 4 days to have meeting with Cathy and Gee-Un, Acitivity on Saturday, and Training Session. Cathy and her assistant Gee-Un are both wonderful, very quick to respond, and understand our needs without many words. So we reorganized all children's works into files, sort out boxes of materials, and it looked very nicely after 3 hours of work. On Saturday, we changed the starting formation how we held the introduction, the group time. New formation which was a nice round circle helped how activity started. Amazingly, this really had a great impact even during the omnibus time.

20070512_IMGP1817.JPG In our new season of facilitation training, we stressed the importance of setting the space. Seoul session was the start of renewed training season. We will hold another in Tokyo this weekend, one in Mie next week Friday, then in Kyoto on Sunday. Running the training session required lots of strength for me as it takes about 4-5 hours. But to see those who participated all having great fun, it also gives me a joy. Lately we get many college students as facilitator volunteers. In Kyoto, we have many male participants, where in Seoul, they are mostly female.

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May 03, 2007

 Mie (Japan) – Seoul (Korea) Web Cam Video

20070310_mie_douki_a.jpeg The video that recorded Pangaea web cam event between Mie, Japan and Seoul, Korea on March 10th 2007 is now on the website of Mizi Center, operated by the Korean National Commissions for UNESCO. Click here to watch the video that recorded the day’s event from the activity preparation to the games played by children such as “Koetsuna” (vocal tug-of-war), “Can you call his/her name?”, and “Match game” from Korean side.

In the interview at the end of the video, participants shared such feedbacks as:
“I have spoken to the other party through the computer for the first time. It was fun.”
“I played games with Japanese friends. I enjoyed Koetsuna the most.”
“I would like to come next time, too.”

The next web cam is scheduled in June between Kyoto, Japan and Seoul, Korea.

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