February 04, 2015

 Pangaea Newsletter for February

Hello, this is newsletter editor Jyoko.

After being such a hit last year, we are re-opening the KISSY Summer School once more this year! As well as letting everyone know all about the school, we are also starting a big drive to get participants. For those of you with children, you should definitely think about signing up!

We would also ask if you could also give a donation at sign-up. This can be paid online with a credit or debit card, making it easier this time for those outside of Japan to donate. We are incredibly grateful for any donations.

Finally, Reiyan gave a new activity report for this month - Pangaea's card game is almost ready!
1. Sign-up for participants for the KISSY Summer School 2015!
2. Appeal for contributions for KISSY (payments can be made with a credit or debit card, or also through PayPal)
3. Activity report from Honest Village

1. Sign-up to participate for the KISSY Summer School!
We will be bringing together children from Kenya, Cambodia, South Korea and Japan for this year's KISSY (Kyoto Intercultural Summer Schools for Youths) Summer School! In KISSY, children from the four different countries are able to communicate, even without all speaking the same language! They are able to use the latest pictorial stickers as developed by Pangaea, to translate from their native language so they can all work together on making stories.

The key point of the KISSY project is to develop understanding of cultural and linguistic differences all through a virtual environment where they can use technology to work together. The workshop is an international exchange with those from around the world, even when it is not possible to be physically in the same place.

We are hoping to have the same number of children from Kenya and Cambodia as last year; however, we want to be able to offer an even better experience in terms of quality and amount of activities than last time.

Therefore we are looking for as many people to join in as possible for the event!!
(Due to limited capacity and timings for the workshops, signing up is subject to availability. Thank you for your co-operation.)

For further details, and to sign up for the KISSY project, please visit the following link.

Details about KISSY Summer School
Dates: 7/31-8/7 (8 days, 7 nights)
Location: Kyoto University (Kyoto, Japan)
Age Range: 9-14
Sponsor: Matsuhara Ishida Research Centre for Socio-Information Studies at Kyoto University.
Support Providers from previous years: Japanese Commission for UNESCO, Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Committee for Education in Kyoto.
*Please see the link above for further information

2. Appeal for support for the KISSY project (PayPal or Credit/Debit card accepted)
Thank you everyone for always supporting all our work here at Pangaea!
It's all thanks to you that we are able to hold out KISSY Summer School. We pay for travel costs for children from less-financially able countries like Kenya or Cambodia, as well as transportation and accommodation costs for volunteer staff who come from all over Japan (just one night for one person costs ¥3000, around $25).

These are all necessary costs for Pangaea that we cover in order to be able to run the KISSY project. With your help, we can achieve all this. It is simple to donate ? you can pay online with a credit or debit card, and we now are able to accept PayPal as well. We appreciate any amount you can donate.
Please see the link below for more information. There are also testimonies from last year’s participants

there, so please make sure to check it out.
Donate to the KISSY project

3. Activity report from Honest Village
In this month’s issue, we report what happened in the activity in Honest village. The goal of the activity was to finish Pangea cards. The children did the drawing by hand and designed the layout of them. We can see that they were exchanging the ideas by each other and watching a screen. We look forward to the completion of Pangea cards which express Honest village.

Photos are here

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