April 23, 2012

 Lecture by Yumi @ Meiji Gakuin Univ.

Yumi-Profile_w102.jpg Ms. Yumiko Mori, Chairman of Pangaea gave a lecture at Meiji Gakuin Univ., in Tokyo, Japan on Thursday April 19th.

The lecture was on the theme of social entrepreneurship, fusion of civic and business sectors and non-profit organization that is based on the research and development, to introduce Pangaea activity that connects children across the world through enjoyable activities.

The classroom was filled with the participating students who showed enthusiasm. Pangaea brochures prepared for the class went away quickly to prove the great interest that students took on the theme. Thank you for participating and for your interest in Pangaea!

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April 17, 2012

 Activity of the New Term Has Started at KIS

Pangaea activity of the new term has started at Kyoto International School (KIS). 20120417_blog.jpg

This week, participants took a look at photos taken in Sweden by Erik, a facilitator, and talked about skiing and snowboarding, then worked on drawings to make animation. 20120417_blog2.jpg

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April 13, 2012

 What do you think Pangaea is?

From year-end survey

10 years old, boy, KIS (Kyoto International School) Village

9 years old, boy, Kyodai (Kyoto Univ.) Village
"(Pangaea is) to communicate and enjoy with people all over the world. It was very good that I participated."

11 years old, girl, Kyodai (Kyoto Univ.) Village
"It was fun."

9 years old, boy, Miedai (Mie Univ.) Village
"I had fun with Viscuit."

11 years old, girl, Miedai (Mie Univ.) Village
"Can make friends with people from other countries. Staffs are fun. Can draw many things. It was enjoyable!"

13 years old, boy, OK (OKWave, Tokyo) Village
"We can communicate with people in foreign countries without spending money."

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April 05, 2012

 Pangaea Newsletter - April 2012

+ School Year 2011 Report - Ayako Edahiro
+ Pangaea Ring - Ms. Kim Yeonjoo
+ Activity Report in March 2012

School Year 2011 Report - Ayako Edahiro
Dear Pangaea Supporters,
The school year 2011 (and the fiscal year 2011
for many companies) closes on March 31st in Japan,
and I am writing this newsletter article in the last minutes,
on the last day of the year,
as I needed to write multiple other reports at this timing.

I joined Pangaea last April so it's been a year.
I only had experience working for companies,
so working for non-profit organization,
I felt as if I were in the battle field
where I do not know the geography or how to fight.
After the start of my second year in April and onwards,
this may not suddenly change essentially.
However, I have come to learn and feel through my experience this year
that it would take time for important changes to take place
in the society and it would only be possible
by the continuation and accumulation of small acts
that people may think that "it would not help anything".

On Saturday March 24th, Webcam activity was held connecting Seoul and Tokyo.
Some children in Tokyo answered that they "do not know well"
about the neighboring country Korea or its people,
when asked before the activity, despite the fact that
they are living ever globalized society that is connected by the Net.

Even in Tokyo, where basic infrastructure and the opportunity
for the education are given to children, they are not necessarily
exposed to the chances to become interested in the world.

On the other hand, asked the same question,
the same children answered after the Webcam activity:
"Their reactions are very funny",
"They pay attention to us",
"We can communicate by drawings without words",
"I liked their Japanese pronunciations",
"There are people like us in the other country",
"I discovered there are many Koreans who laugh",
"I found their names interesting.
There are many funny kids, just like Japan",
"It was good that we could do Pangaea together",
"Koreans laughs often. They speak fast",
"Japan and Korea are not very different",
"I would like to play with Korean kids more",
"They were kind to us despite difference of country".

Pangaea wishes that children would come to know
their neighboring countries and the world from these experiences.

In Pangaea, children are asked to follow the only rule:
"Do not do what others don't want to be done".
This applies not only to their peers in the same site
but they are also asked to think of the children at the sites abroad,
who may be in the very different situation from them,
so they can discuss and learn the process of the respect to
the cultural diversity while getting helps from adult facilitators.

As a summary of the school year 2011,
Pangaea held 71 activities worldwide, participated by total 800 children,
which makes the number of total participants
since the start of Pangaea activity 5,668, as of the end of March 2012.
These activities are supported and made possible
by 326 registered volunteers, supporting members, donors and sponsors.
Thank you so much for your support this year, and please continue to work with us!

Also, since the start of "Donation Campaign for 100 Donors"
last December, Pangaea could receive
320,000 JPY donations from 64 donors as of now.
Thank you so much for your cooperation.
We look to your continuous support to Pangaea!
Please find out more detail about donation from below link:

Pangaea Ring - Ms. Kim Yeonjoo
Hello everyone.
My name is Kim Yeonjoo, a university student from Korea.
I had the opportunity to participate in the Pangea activity
for 7 days under the university's internship program.
During my stay, I was mainly in charge of the document translation
from Japanese to Korean. Although my time with Pangea was very brief
and my Japanese skill is limited, I would like to take the liberty of
writing the Pangea Ring.

It was last December when I first learned about "Pangea"
through the internship information.
Since then, I had studied about "Pangea" activities and its history
through the web page.

Pangea and I had the common faith in the word "Bridge".
During my high school years, I was exposed to Japanese
and became interested in its culture and the history.
Eventually, I had decided to major in the Japanese studies.
Back then, some people around me were not in favor of Japan
because of "Past" and "Current" issues between Korea and Japan.
For some reason, their attitude made me feel sad,
because their impression of Japan was fixed upon prejudges.
Then, I had decided to become "the bridge person".
I thought "As a student, I am not yet capable enough to tie the whole world.
But I can start from playing the role of the bridge person
between people around me."

Pangea is an organization that is playing the role of the bridge person.
It was a surprise to me when I first found Pangea and I thought
"Wow, there is an organization like this".
In contrast, I was in anxiety worrying about myself
asking myself "Can I really do this?",
as I had never dreamt of myself doing the internship in overseas.

I arrived at Japan with the anxiety and met Ms. Yumiko Mori
on the day of the training. We prepared for the activities
watching videos and having discussions.

On the following day, I had started my internship.
The translation work at Pangea was completely different from
the Japanese novel translation that I had experienced before.

Because I was translating important documents such as manuals
for Koreans who were interested in sponsoring the Pangea activities,
I had struggled every day to make it sound natural and easy to read.
As I continue, I had started to feel the satisfaction
because "I was able to accomplish the challenging translation of
such an important document."
Also, the fact that people had appreciated my translation
although I was not a professional had helped me
to build the confidence and made my assignment fun.

I was also able to make the great memory through Pangea activities in which
I did not expect to participate due to my short internship period.
Thanks to the hospitality of Pangea members who had encouraged me
to communicate, my initial anxiety was gone somewhere along the line.
I was lucky to have been dispatched to the organization
that suited me and made me wish to stay more.

I appreciate Pangea members' thoughtful support for me
to have various experiences.

I would like to continue to do the translation in Korea.
I will be observing the Webcam activity between Tokyo and Seoul
on March 24th as an interpreter.
Every day, I look forward to seeing Pangea members again.
I am also looking forward to the future of Pangea activities.

Activity Report in March 2012
Tokyo-Seoul Webcam Activity Report
Activity report from March 24 Webcam event

Tokyo-Seoul Webcam Event for Youth
Press release of Tokyo-Seoul Webcam activity on March 24

March Activity at Mie, Japan
Mie Univ. activity on Sat March 3 was the last one of the school year.
Participants took group photo for their memory and prepared message cards.

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