October 07, 2014

 Pangaea Newsletter for October

Hello. This is Jyoko who is in charge of Newsletter.
 This month, we introduce a feedback from Sweet pie(nickname) who joined KISSY from Kenya. As well as other children, by reading her feedback, we can see that he was impressed by unexpected things.
 Why is this country beautiful so much compared to my country? What should we do for my country? She went back to her country wondering those things. What do you think of it?
 Now, summer vacation is over. We saw active children in September too.
Enjoy activity pictures of Vegetalia Mie and Tokyo Honest.

1.Pangaea Ring - Sweet pie (Feedback of KISSY)
2.Activity report for September

1.Pangaea Ring - Sweet pie(Feedback of KISSY)
My adventure in JAPAN

Indeed it was an adventure to recall

 It was on 29th July 2014. At 2:00 pm when I left my home at Kibera heading to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. On arrival we went for checking thereafter hoaded to the craft which we were travelling with. We then borded the plane which took off after a few minutes. We then travelled for five hours onto landed at Hamado International Airport at Doha in Qatar.

 We rested for two hours and later took another flight to Kansai International Airport, which took 10 hours Kansai International Airport is at Osaka in Japan. On arrival we were checked and later took off to the bus station.

 I was very perplexed and happy since I had seen an airport on the middle of an ocean. We then boated a bus to Kyoto which took one and a half an hour. On arrival at Kyoto we met one of the Pangaea club leaders known as Yumi who called Yumiko Mori the president of Pangaea club, who took us to have dinner in an inn.

 After dinner Jyoko came to pick us and led us to the Youth Hostel. Wow; the place was immaculately clean and colourful, I even thought I was in a dreamland but Yah! That was reality.

 On the second dog as Yumi went to pick the Korean pupils. Jyoko gave us some money to go visit the temple which was wow! Everything inside the temple left me full of, amazement and joy. On our return we met so many Japanese children who participated, in the Pangaea Zone.

 I was then given two loring and caring friends to be my roommates known as Non-chan and Miku. We later went to take dinner and has assembled for an introductory meeting, together with the Cambodian pupils.

 On the third day after taking our delicious breakfast, six taxis were brought and journeyed us to Kyoto University where our first KISSY took place. To my amazement the Japanese driver drove swiftly
and followed all the traffic rules. At the university we introduced ourselves to professor Kocho and other protode present. Later each of us were assigned a computer which enabled us to communicate since the computers could translate all our languages. This gave me the desire to study in Japan and if I was able or given the chance I would remain in Japan to pursue my dreams.

 The fourth day we were introduced to computers which could sing and dance spectacular. This gave me have a strong urge to visit Japan frequently. We then grouped ourselves into creative groups and my group was named BLUE TEAM. Our team made toys and some decoration. Due to our creativity the national television station of Japan interviewed us. I said I was so glad to represent Africa in such an occasion. We later went to show our presentation to a multitude and expressed our idea.

 The next day was now an adventure to the museum lovely!!! Amaizing!!! On arrival we ate lunch then started to four the place, at first we were shown traditional clothing of very many countries for example Japan, Kenya, Korea and many other. I also saw beautiful decorations.

 Pofs and so many unspeakable things later at night we had a farewell party for all of us as well as Yumi’s birthday party. I was asked to sing in English and I did so proudly and happily. On the celebration I was given gifts by my friends and others. One gave me a beautiful neckless and our translator gave me a Japanese traditional dress. I was so happy to an extended one cannot explain.

 The Pangaea leaders gave us watches which gave us joy. The session was over and we had to go and rest. Unfortunately the last day came, we were taken for a walk at the city and the Pangaea office, finally to the airport. Actually all that starts well ends well.

 Back in Japan I made 22 friend including the staff members. I loved the place soo much in that we were all treated equally with no discrimination, all the people were appreciate and always had respect for each other. The standards of hygiene in their streets was very high that I had the desire to study and take much time there. Truly I love Japan with passion. I love them for their decency and I think they are role models to I return my gratitude to Yumi and Mr. Mitei for their support and the almighty god for provision and journey masses.

Yours loving;
Sweet pie!

2.Activity report for September
Please take a look at updated activity pictures from each location.

Vegetalia Mie University Village activity pictures

Honest activity pictures

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