November 06, 2010

 November 2010 Newsletter: Yumi's Monthly Note

Hello Everybody!

Hot summer is gone, and I am enjoying very nice weather in Kyoto. There was "Jidai Matsuri", a festival with traditional Japanese clothing and even horses. I can see them from the windows of my apartment. At these moments, I am very happy that we have our headquarter in Kyoto, where things of old and new are nicely integrated in this city.

After September event, we have been working hard, but we did not take any overseas trip, only to Tokyo and Mie. We need to some time to rest our body. In last 5 months, I try to go to Gym before office, as they open at 7 AM. Actually that suits me perfect, as I am a morning person.

We had Nao from Keio University to intern during the summer, and he was very good. Also we now have a full time designer in our office, who happens to be Swedes. Erik came to Japan to study Japanese, and he was a designer in Sweden, graduated university majoring design. We are excited to have him as our team. He will help Pangaea developing Brand, and directs designing in HP, activity materials, presentations, PangaeaNet.
Please look forward to see his work.

Toshi and I will visit Malaysia in November.This time, it is UNIMAS, not Bario. In few months, I hope I can give you good news about our projects.

Well, I would like to introduce a Pangaea Ring writer for this month, Mr.Kaneto Kanemoto who is a Corporate member in Pangaea. He's the CEO of OKWave.


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 November 2010 Newsletter: Pangaea ring - Mr. Kaneto Kanemoto

Well, I would like to introduce a Pangaea ring writer for this month, Mr.Kaneto Kanemoto who is a Corporate member in Pangaea. He's the CEO of OKWave.

Hello, my name is Kaneto Kanemoto, and I am the CEO of OKWave.

Founded in 1999, we have been running a Q&A community site called OKWave ( .
Using our website, People can ask or answer questions. People have used our website for more than 2,200 different questions such as PC troubleshooting, daily life issues, love and romance etc, and they are also exchanging "Thank you" by that.

We provide a system of OKWeve for more than 140 sites, both portal sites and company sites. We also provide the system of Q&A site used for company customer service at more than 220 websites. We are the largest FAQ tool service provider used in Japan.

I was introduced to Pangaea over 6 years ago. I sympathized with Pangaea's approach and their ideology. Their goal is to overcome cultural differences and misunderstandings by establishing international relationship of younger generations.
And I have learned from Ms. Mori and Pangaea staff that it is very important to carry out what I can do step by step.

After not seeing for a while, I recently met Ms. Mori and decided to support future web activities in Tokyo.
OKWave is going to start a service of ARIGATO on Facebook. This system will allow people can help each other by translating multiple languages.
I hope that the world's youth can understand and accept each other by their own way of international exchanging through Pangaea activities.

Representative Director
President & CEO
Kaneto Kanemoto

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