August 31, 2011

 Kyoto International School

Kis_Blog.jpg "Pangaea Club" briefing was given at the General Assembly of Kyoto International School (KIS) yesterday at the beginning of the new school year. KIS Pangaea Club will resume in September!

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 Lecture at Kyoto University of Art and Design

IMG_0564_2.jpg Toshiyuki Takasaki, Vice President of Pangaea, gave lecture on Tuesday August 30th in the class of "Information and Design" at Kyoto University of Art and Design, about Pangaea activity and its agricultural assistance project utilizing Youth Medicated Communication model held in Vietnam (YMC-Viet).

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August 29, 2011

 Lectures by Yumiko Mori, President of Pangaea

Yumi-Profile_w102.jpg Yumiko Mori, President of Pangaea gave a lecture on Monday August 22nd, at the training session for teachers organized by Tsu Municipal Board of Education.

There were following feedbacks from participating teachers:
"I was surprised that Pangaea is providing children with the space where they can actually communicate with each other. I knew the name Pangaea, but did not know specifically what the activity was about." "I will be able to utilize what I heard today to all children, not just the ones with foreign nationality. I would like to try Tako introduction at the beginning of the 2nd semester. Thank you so much." "I realized that the method is embodied when the goal is clear. I was impressed by the paradigm shift to analog at the age of digital, and was surprised by the creativities in detail and the quality of the contents. It was good that I could learn that the relationship with the people around you is important to foster international understanding in children." "I did not know what Pangaea was, although I introduced the activity to students in the 1st semester. As I could see the activity where children across the world bond, I felt that this is related not just to international understanding but to the teamwork in the classroom or in educating children with special needs. I would like to utilize my learnings in the 2nd semester."

She also gave lectures on Saturday August 6th at Future University Hakodate in Hokkaido and on Thursday July 21st at Meiji Gakuin University in Tokyo for the students in respective university.

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August 01, 2011

 Pangaea Newsletter - August 2011

Volunteer of the Year 2010 by Toshiyuki Takasaki, Vice President
Hello everyone.
Kyoto in July was bustling with Gion Festival. The main street in front of Pangaea office had street stands, became vehicle-free and was crowded with great number of people. There was a barricade set up in front of my apartment and I had difficult time getting in and out. It’s been five years since I started living in Kyoto, and I saw the real Yamahoko-junko, a parade of decorated floats for the first time. It was extremely hot with the excited crowds and the heat of the summer sun, but I was touched by the power of the traditional event in Kyoto.

I am really happy to let all of you know that Mr. Hidetoshi Yoshioka, "Yoshio", was nominated for the "Volunteer of the Year 2010", among many volunteers who support Pangaea, and the award was given to him the other day in Tokyo.

He used to live in Kyoto, and came to Pangaea for the first time in April 2008, introduced by Mr. Kadowaki, or "Kadoppe", a technical development volunteer to date, who was his senior at collage then. He participated in activities held at Kyoto University and Kyoto International School almost all the time as Technical Staff till March this year.

He has relaxed and mild personality and helped with the work seriously and silently. He has both funny and comforting character that was loved by everyone, participating in Air Guitar Competition and dancing the original dance. He was popular among children, too. He experienced technical intern at Pangaea once, and I worked with him developing systems.

He has started working utilizing his experiences with Pangaea. I remember I was so happy that I would jump up when I heard that he got job offer. He has started working in Tokyo this April and continues to participate in activities in Tokyo.

Thank you so much for your past contributions, and we look to your continuous support to Pangaea!

Activities in July 2011
Watch the 8-minute video taken and produced by Mizy Center, Korea, showing the webcam activity between Mizy Center in Seoul, Korea and Nairobi, Kenya on June 25th, 2011.

According to the survey Result of Kenya-Korea Webcam on June 25, the rate of Korean children who answered they strongly like Kenyan participants before Webcam activity was 24%, which went up to 76% after it.
Similarly, the rate of Kenyan children who answered they strongly like Korean participants before Webcam activity was 32%, which went up to 81% after it.

Pangaea's Agricultural Assistance Project in Vietnam was Introduced in "Language Grid Newsletter".
Watch the video that shows how the project was implemented between February and March 2011 in Vietnam.

Children went out to the city of Kyoto on July 23 to take pictures for their "Pangaea Playing Cards" to introduce their daily lives. Check out the photos taken by Kyoto children.

On July 16, Mie participants newly recorded their village name "Miedai". Check out how they recorded three different patterns of Mie Univ. village names with 24-sec video clip.

Pangaea YouTube Channel
Pangaea now has its YouTube channel.
Watch the videos about us and our past Webcam activities.

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