June 01, 2013

 Pangaea Newsletter - June 2013

Hello everyone, I am Yuki in charge with Pangaea Newsletter.

It's already getting hotter and hotter these day in Kyoto.
I'm so anxious about how hot it will be in July or August.
The rainy season has just started and this humid & hot weather is hard to get through. But, let's hang in there!

Today's biggest news is that Pangaea has got a "Provisional Authorised NPO"
status from government. The status allows tax deduction for Pangaea donors who pay tax in Japan. There are more than 47,000 registered NPOs in Japan and there are only less than 180 "Authorized/Provisional Authorised NPOs" out of them.
The second news is that Tokyo Honest Village has newly been launched last month.
We received an enthusiastic message from Mr. Honma, the chief executive of HONEST Co., ltd.

Lastly, I attended a training session for technical stuff the other day in Kyoto office and I wrote a report on it with my new experience.

+Pangaea got "Provisional Authorised NPO" status!
+"Honest Village" has launched.
+The activity report in May and the feedback on making animation.

Pangaea got "Provisional Authorised NPO" status!
NPO Pangaea has been accepted as the Provisional Authorised NPO, Non-profit organization, by Kyoto Prefecture government on May 31th. So now, individual and organization donars that pay tax in Japan can get tax deduction.
There are "Authorised NPO" status and "Provisional Authorised NPO" status in Japan.
When we can get donation of 3000+JPY from 100+ people this year again, we will be able to applyto the next step, "Authorised NPO" status.
There are only 175 NPOs with "Authorised" status or "Provisional Authorised"
status out of 47,000+ registered-NPOs in Japan.
(There are 100 Authorised NPOs and 75 Provisional Authorised NPOs in Japan as of
according to the goverment official website as of 1st June 2013.)
We really appreciate for your support for our activities!

As we've got the status, individual donars and organizational donars shall get tax deduction.
Roughly speaking, 40% of [the amount of donation minus 2000JPY] shall be deducted from tax on income as to an individual contributor.
Detail of the deduction system differs what prefecture and city you or your organization locates.
Please note that the tax deduction applies to any individual and organization that pay tax in Japan.
Feel free to ask us when you're interested in donation to Pangaea!

For your information, the list of Authorised NPOs and Provisional Authorised NPOs in Japan is posted on the NPO page of the Cabinet's website
(Only in Japanese language):

+"Honest Village" has launched!
Honest Co.,ltd in Tokyo has become the Pangaea Activity location for children from this May. Mr.Daijiro Honma is the CEO of Honest Co.,ltd.
It is a middle-sized ICT service company that has HQ office in Tokyo and branche offices in Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka.
We call a Pangaea Activity as "Village." As the village mayor of "Honest Village," Mr.Honma posted a comment for us. (Actually, youths who participated the first Pangaea Activity in Honest Village really liked its name once they get the meaning of "honest" in Japanese.)
"Harmony and Blend"
Hello all,
I am Daijiro Honma. I am the mayor of Pangaea Honest Village.
"Pangaea Honest Village" sounds really nice, doesn't it?
A person, corporation, organization, town, country, pet…everything has a name.
When we name something, we put a special imagination and wish in it.
Both "Pangaea" and "Honest" have a strong imagination and wish of people who named them.
When these two words are together, I believe that their imagination and wish areweaved each other.
I call it "Harmony and Blend" and actuallly, it is the vision of my company.

Everyone who participates in Pangaea Activity in Honest Village will"harmonises and blends" with friends in other villages, and friends from all over the world.
I strongly hope that you will be a person who "harmonise and blend" the world one day when you are grown up.

The mayor of the Pangaea Honest Village,
Daijirou Honma

+Training and Activity Report in May from Yuki
Kyoto Village and Honest Village have started Pangaea Activities in May.
I've been very looking forward to meeting new kids and experience new things through this year.

On May 18th, there was a Technical Training Session in the head office in Kyoto.
This is a training session by Toshi for Tech staff.
I attended it as a language support for Ms.Ruby, a graduate student in Kyoto who came from Vietnam a couple of months ago and joined as Tech staff since.
Because participants other than Ms.Ruby were all Japanese, it was effective that the session was conducted in Japanese and she got a language support from me, as my major is English language and literature.

In the training session, some of the topics were not too technical and one of them was a hands-on lecture on "Let's make a animation" Activity.
I decided to try making animation, because it is important for us to know Pangaea Activity well from youths' viewpoint.
However, making animation on PC was difficult for me. Actually, youths make much better animation!
The animation that I created made a completely different move from my expectation. I enjoyed it a lot, though.
I was so amazed at youths' animation work because each has a story and its movement works properly.
I respect those youths who make such great animations.
By the way, the animation activity doesn't require any verbal language.
This is the point where I find Pangaea's policy.
I hope more youths will join this animation making through the activity.

Pangaea Activity in Kyoto Univ. Village has been started on 25th of last month.
There were some youths who joined the activity from this fiscal year.
I'm glad to see that they opened up to other existing members very quickly.
It had been two months since the last activity, but I got an impression that every youth was vigorous as always. In the activity, we did Tako introduction (Youths get paired with partners, and they introduce their partner to audiences).
We also explained the new Pangaea Net 2.0. As I have already informed, new functions are added.
I was so surprised how fast youths learn and use them.
As I enjoyed the Activity a lot, I can't wait to the next Pangaea Activity!

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