May 06, 2014

 PANGAEA Newsletter - May 2014

Hello. This is Jyoko who is in charge of News Letter. It has been a
mouth passed already in this fiscal year and Golden Week holidays are gone. Did you visit anywhere?
Volunteer of the Year in 2013 of PANGAEA has been determined!
It went to Madoka Nakanishi who designed our 10th anniversary
magazine, etc. We have got a comment from her. Also, we announce
that activity place in Kashiwa-no-ha has been changed to KOIL
(Kashiwa-no-ha open innovation lab) since this year.
Children seemed to enjoy activities at new activity place.
Lastly, we introduce some questionnaires we had against children
who joined PANGAEA activities.

1.Letter from Chairman, Yumi
2.Pangaea Ring ?from Ms. Madoka Nakanishi awarded the volunteer of the year-
3.Introduction of Kashiwa-no-ha activity place, KOIL
4.Questionnaire in 2013, “What is PANGAEA for you?”

1. Letter from Chairman, Yumi
It seems the cherry blossoms were very beautiful for a long time
in this spring. New school term started. New children and volunteer staff
will join in Pangaea soon.
The activities in Mie University will also change to
"Vegetalia Mie University Village" supported by Vegetalia inc from this year.

Vegetalia inc: (Japanese)

Facilitator leadership training and technological leadership training
were held in March. Everything is set up and we are ready for
the activities starts in May.

In Kyoto headquarter, our interns, Jyoko and Madoka, are working hard to
prepare for Kyoto Intercultural Summer School For Youths (KISSY)
which is held in the summer of this year.
Recently, technical volunteer staff who help us on weekend or holidays
are increased. Our office is lively.

By the way, we selected Ms. Madoka Nakanishi for the winner of
Volunteer of the Year based on her activities in the last year.
She comes to the office from 10:30 am to 3:00 pm every Tuesdays and
Thursdays and designs wide variety of goods.
She is a mother of second-year middle-schooler. We are truly grateful
to her. She is strong, kind, and beautiful. She works with aspiration,
which generates a positive impact on the people around her.

We are busy until summer. We have activity in Kenya in May. In June,
we have the activities in Vietnam and Cambodia.
Because we are looking forward to meeting with you in these events,
we are not tired at all.

Regarding the event “KISSY”, we worry about a lack of money. We need
just a bit more. Because we are authorized NPO now, please help us,
especially the people who file their tax return! (※) Thank you.

※Pangea is authorized NPO now. So, you can deduct your donation on your tax return.
Please refer to (Japanese)

2. Pangaea Ring -from Ms. Madoka Nakanishi awarded the volunteer of the year-
Hello. I'm Madoka Nakanishi. I'm in charge of creating booklet and
brochure at headquarter in Kyoto. First of all, thank you very much for
such a prestigious prize, volunteer of the year!

I lived in South Africa for three years until February 2012 due to
the transfer of my husband.
I wanted to make use of my experiences over there. Also, I wanted to use
English which I studied with the friends from different nations and diverse
backgrounds. I registered myself as a volunteer staff to Pangaea.
It does seem a long time ago.In November 2012, I visited the office for
greeting without any knowledge of the activity of Pangaea. The office
was in the building called "Elephant Building."
I was feeling a little nervous and opened the door. And then, I found
the office with pretty color and a family atmosphere. I met Yumi-san and
Toshi-san there. I felt a strange attraction to them and was caught
up in their story. I remember I lost track of time talking with them
for a few hours and went home with excitement. It was a really shocking
moment for me. At that time, I had already spent more than half a year
returning back to peaceful Japan which is different from South Africa.
I was at a loss what I should do after regulating my life.

By the way, I joined in Pangaea as a translation volunteer. However,
I was in charge of design works soon because I included that I can use
Illustrator a little in my resume. Furthermore, the very first task was
a big challenge to create a brochure of Pangaea!
I started to understand what Pangaea is. I dug up the knowledge about
design which I learned more than ten years ago a little by little and
was able to carry on working. Thanks to the cooperation of many staff
including Yumi-san and Toshi-san, we could submit the manuscript to
a printing company. I will never forget that happy feeling.

The works taken with time and care, such as Pangaea book which was
issued at 10th anniversary and its English version, passport of YMC-Viet,
and revision of recipe card, are passed into many people. They are useful
used at the activities of Pangaea themselves, or provided the public with
understanding of the activities of Pangaea.
I got a lot of pleasure from my volunteer work at Pangaea.
I couldn't be happier.

Now, we are compiling passport of KISSY which is held this summer and
a small booklet of YMC-Viet. I can picture the children all over
the world who enjoy at KISSY with a twinkle in their eyes.
I plan to become sensitive to the cool or pretty things in the world with
an open heart. Then, I would like to continue creating something from
what I feel good in Pangaea.

3. Introduction of Kashiwa-no-ha activity place, KOIL
On the 19th of April, the first activity of fiscal 2014 started at
Kashiwa-no-ha. The place for activities of Kashiwa-no-ha supported
by Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd was changed to KOIL
(Kashiwa-no-ha Open Innovation Lab) which is newly built this year.
It is very beautiful and equipped with ICT. Both children and staff enjoyed the activities of Pangaea at this clean building.

The first activity in Kashiwa-no-ha started by introducing friends.
Then, they continued to create an animation program of Kashiwa-no-ha
Village, which started last fiscal year. The animation program of
village is created to introduce their hub on Panagea net where children
interact. Each hub is creating a variety of animation, with scanning
photos and pictures to "viscuit". In Kashiwa-no-ha, producing village
animation in which an original character “Kashiwasshi” appears is
going well by good performance of Maa-kun who works as a director
of the animation.
We can hardly wait seeing the finished work.

4.Questionnaire in 2013, “What is PANGAEA for you?”
We introduce some of our questionnaire and its answers of children who joined PANGAEA activities in 2013.

“What is PANGAEA for you?”

That is to help me connecting to the world!!
A place to connect to the world without any world = PANGAEA
It is everything for me!!!
It is a place which offers me to share time with children from outside Japan.
I want to come back next year too because it is so fun.
We can communicate with people who are from far away from Japan though computer.
Joining PANGAEA helped me to understand people from other countries.
I am happy to become friends with people from other countries. I'd like to come back again.
To stop the war by becoming a friend with Korea.

It found out by seeing this questionnaire that the education curriculum
in Japan today has less opportunity to communicate with foreigners.
Also, activities from PANGAEA are valuable to communicate with children
from many countries without speaking English perfectly.
We hope that the connection between children who played together on
the internet through PANGAEA activities leads to connect between people
around the world in this modern society.
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