January 07, 2014

 Pangaea Newsletter for January 2014

Hello everyone,

A Happy New Year to you!!
How did you celebrate New Year's party?
In 2014, World cup will be held in Brazil, and fortunately PANGAEA
starts up an activity site at the same Brazil this spring.
All the best on 2014 for all of you. It may be a great year when
plans and dreams happen!

This is our first newsletter in 2014!

1. New Year Message from Yumi, Chairman of PANGAEA
2. PANGAEA's first Webcam in 2014 between Robieb, Cambodia and Kashiwanoha, Chiba
3. Activity Report for December 2013

1. New Year Message from Yumi, Chairman of PANGAEA
A Happy New Year!

2013, PANGAEA's 10th anniversary year, went quickly with many events and
activities. Our anniversary booklet, called PANGAEA Book, was printed,
and new PANGAEA introduction Video was produced. These were all thanks to
PANGAEA volunteers and supporters.
(Video URL: http://youtu.be/RORJdGHQ0J0)
I am happy to let you know that both PANGAEA Book and Video are now also
published in English and ready for you. We will go around the world with
these to promote our activities in 2014.
Our Vietnam projects, YMC Viet, currently are working on the third year
in Vinh Long Province. Since 2013 Fall, this PANGAEA proposed project,
Youth Mediated Communication model (YMC), is also implemented in another
location at Binh Minh community, Vinh Long, Vietnam. According to Vinh Long
District of Agriculture and Rural Development, this community has about
30% of population of Khmer. Most of them are farmers and literacy rates for them
are much lower. So as we run our project since 2011 winter, DARD felt that
YMC can serve community like Binh Minh, and we kicked off YMC from October, 2013.
We will visit sites from January 3rd with project members, then, the 3rd Vietnam-Japan
YMC workshop will be held at Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Hanoi.

I think about Japan a lot lately as I read newspaper, and watch news.
The time has come for everyone to think again seriously about the world peace.
The reason why Toshi and I decided to start our organization in Japan was
the country had the environment to accept and have interests to other cultures,
countries and religions very naturally as we grew up. To love the peace and
not to use the war for the method for settling the peace is very difficult
to achieve. So it is the most appropriate for all of us to think how we
want to hand the better future for children. Science and technology in 2014
can do many amazing things. It is the time for us to consider how science and
technology can serve for the peace. PANGAEA will continue our activities
as our mission is always set clearly. If adults are not so good to collaborate
and communicate across borders, we should at least to challenge to
establish universal platform for youths to be able to communicate and
understand the differences and appreciate varieties.

PANGAEA now plans to start new activity site in Brazil. We will also run our
first webcam activity with Cambodia. In 2014, we will challenge to kick off
PANGAEA International Summer School in August. I hope you keep supporting
our activities and spread the word of PANGAEA.

2. PANGAEA's First Webcam in 2014 between Robieb, Cambodia and Kashiwanoha, Chiba

PANGAEA will be holding our first webcam activity in 2014 between Robieb, Cambodia
and Kahiwanoha, Chiba on 11th January, Saturday. Robieb is located 6 hour-drive
far from Phnom Penh and you can hardly find it on Google Map, furthermore,
there is no electronic service. They can, however, access to the internet,
which means PANGAEA participants there can access to the PANGAEA net and
make a bond across the world. This is wonderful benefit from the internet, isn't this?
They speak Khmer, which has specific characters, thus we struggled to prepare
Webcam tools. Show you some examples of greeting.
"Hello" is "Suor Sdey."
"Thank you" is "Or-kun."
"Seeing again" is "Chuob Nak Madorng teat."
We are very excited how the participants feel through this Webcam activity each other.
We will make a short report about Webcam in a next PANGAEA newsletter.

3. Activity Report for December 2013
They finished making PANGAEA playing cards in each sites in Japan, the
last activity in 2013. Each design of those playing cards is very unique.
In Kyodai-site, a girl drew fantastic picture as well as an animation creator.
In Tokyo-site, a boy drew realistic turtle as it looks living, and
in Kashiwanoha-site, the children walked around near school to take pictures.
Furthermore, in Mie-site, a boy brought Christmas ornaments and decorated
the activity place into X'mas arrangement.
In Japan, there are 3 times activities left by this March. PANGAEA will
keep up serving opportunities for the children to make friends over the world.


Thank you so much for reading all articles.
We are keeping doing the best in 2014 as well.
Enjoy our monthly newsletter on every 1st Tuesday (next is 4th Feburuary).
We hope you are keeoing up supporting as PANGAEA member.
Wish all the best for you.

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