November 04, 2014

 Pangaea Newsletter for November

Hi! I'm Jyoko, in charge of Pangaea newsletter.
In this month issue, Daru-san, who does background work as one of the volunteer technical staff of Pangaea, was invited to contribute an essay for us. Although having said that he takes a background role, he also supported us to develop the tool for summer school and participated in the activities. He is invaluable to Pangaea. Please enjoy the talk of such Daru-san.
In addition, Reiyan, who newly-joined Pangaea member, organized a report of the activities held in Korea last month.

1. Pangaea Ring ~Daru-san~
2. October Activity Report

1. Pangaea Ring ~Daru-san~
Hi, I'm Kinoshita. My nickname is "Daru". I'm working as an engineer at an IT company in Kyoto. My boss gave me the nickname because of my resemblance to Texas Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish. Recently, however, I am told that I look like a sumo wrestler Kotooushu when I meet new people.

I participated in Pangaea volunteer in the autumn of 2013. As a technical staff, I am in charge of the improvement of translation application. Also, I teach how to use personal computer to the children with the facilitators in the Pangaea activities.

I learned Pangaea through my work, language grid project, in 2010. Back then, the development site of software was filled with energy for launching YMC Vietnam project. I felt I wanted to work in such environment. It made a lasting impression. 3 years has passed since then. I joined in PANGEA because I needed to change myself from my leisured life.

All of the children who join in Pangaea activities are individual and lively. In particular, their freewheeling thinking is wonderful. I think with them as a support staff, asking them what they would like to make. I am almost always surprised by their finished works that I did not expect.
Such their interesting ideas are spread through the tools such as Pangaea net. I will still be amazed by their creativity. I'm looking forward to receiving it.

The knowledge got from such activities provide us a clue for the development of new tools. Technical staff all are launching on a new challenge. I am proud of to be a part of it.
I’ve a happy lot and I am deeply grateful for it. I’ll do my best.

Haruo Kinoshita

2. October Activity Report
Hello, This is Reiyan, Pangaea volunteer. I introduce Pangaea activity from this NL. On this month, MIZY (Korea) sent us a lots of photos. It’s cute that they were wearing Halloween costumes and putting stickers on their cheek.

They work on something interesting so hard. When a kid share things they wrote or draw with facilitators and their friends, he tells them about it with his confidence. It’s really cool. I feel like a lot of energy from the fist photo. Seeing their smile, I can tell you that kids rely on their facilitators and they are really close each other. One day, I would like to visit the warm and exciting place.

Photos are here
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