r_and_d.jpg Pangaea’s mission is to be a peace-engineering laboratory.
Pangaea studies multi-language and multi-cultural communication by on-line survey and on-site expreiments, for the development of activities and communication tools.

July 21, 2011

 Pangaea's Agricultural Assistance Project in Vietnam was Introduced in "Language Grid Newsletter"

Pangaea's Agricultural Assistance Project in Vietnam, YMC-Viet utilizes the...
Posted by: ayako

January 23, 2008

 APAN 2008

Yumi and I participated in Asia-Pacific Advanced Network (APAN2008) at Haw...
Posted by: toshi

January 15, 2008

 The First Workshop on Field Informatics

I attended The First Workshop on Field Informatics(Only Japanese page is av...
Posted by: toshi

August 23, 2007

 Announcement: Toshiba Corporation “Financial Support Program for Employee Volunteer Activities (at the third)” awarded Pangaea!!!

That program, running by Toshiba Corporation, aims to support for volunte...
Posted by: kumakinoko

June 02, 2007

 Nomination for the 5th Microsoft NPO Support Program

Pangaea was nominated for the 5th Microsoft NPO Support Program, sponsored...
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March 22, 2006

 Language Grid Press Conference

A press conference of Language Grid project by NICT (National Institute of ...
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March 20, 2006

 International Cultural Exchange Workshop

Pangaea was invited to give a keynote speech at the 'Training Workshop of A...
Posted by: kumakinoko

March 01, 2006

 Academic Article: Pictgram Communication

An academic article titled "International communication support for childre...
Posted by: kumakinoko

 Intercultural Collaboration Article

An academic article titled "Intercultural Collaboration: Intercultural Comm...
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January 22, 2006

 The 3rd International WordNet Conference

T. Takasaki, Vice President, made a presentation on a paper "PictNet: Seman...
Posted by: kumakinoko

November 18, 2005

 Web Korea Forum

T. Takasaki, Vice President, delivered the keynote speech titled "PANGAEA:T...
Posted by: kumakinoko

September 13, 2005

 Social Informatics Fair 2005

T. Takasaki, Vice President, made a presentation titled "PicNet: Children's...
Posted by: kumakinoko

September 07, 2005

 Multi-Cultural Collaboration Symposium

Y. Mori, President, gave a speech titled "Project Pangaea: Multi-Cultural C...
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August 26, 2005

 Panel Discussion in Aichi Pref.

Y. Mori, President, lectured in the panel discussion "How to Develop Imagin...
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August 14, 2005

 Exploratory Software Project Final Reort

T. Takasaki, Vice President, made a presentation of the results of his deve...
Posted by: kumakinoko

December 21, 2004

 Exploratory Software Project

The software development project titled "Construction of the knowledge data...
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