pangaeam.jpg Pangaeam is the museum on the PangaeaNet.
Children can visit Pangaeam on the PangaeaNet to see art works of their peers in different cities and countries, to exchange Picton messages with the ones who created impressive works. Some of the children’s drawings are also introduced at Pangaea Blog.

February 23, 2007

 Kyoto Activity on Jan 27 – A-kun

All thirteen registered children participated on this day and everyone dra...
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 Suginami, Tokyo Activity on Jan 26 – A-kun

Children draw their own A-kun’s after seeing the A-kun’s drawn at Shibuya ...
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January 20, 2007

 Shibuya, Tokyo Activity on Jan 20 - A-kun

These are A-kun's, or Mr. A’s drawn on January 20th at the activity held i...
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