March 03, 2015

 Pangaea Newsletter for March

Hi. This is Jyoko, the newsletter editor.
Yumi contributes an article about "safety" for this month's issue. I suppose that many people feel vaguely insecure about "peace" through daily press report of unsettled world situation. She does not just lament but take action against it. I felt her power from her article. Please have a read!

By the way, Activity of this month is Cambodia. We are making "Pangea Playing Cards" with each Pangaea "Village" in the world. I'm looking forward to the completion!

1. Letter from Chairman, Ms. Yumiko Mori
2. Activity Report from Cambodia

1. Letter from Chairman, Ms. Yumiko Mori
Hi, everyone. I suppose that many of you are perturbed about the world affairs through recent world news reports. September 11th attacks caused Toshi, Mr.Takasaki, and me to start up Pangaea project. We've heard that Professor Ishida of Kyoto University, who launched Language Grid project also began his research on cross-cultural communication because of September 11th.

In 2013, we had a business trip to Nairobi. Ten days after we left Nairobi, the shopping mall where we had dropped by every day during our Nairobi stay was taken over by terrorists and there were a great number of causalities. When we promote our activities overseas, we confirm the safety information carefully first, and then conduct the business visit. We don't have to needlessly get scared. However, we place ultimate priority on the safety of children and staff who participate. Pangaea organizes Safety Management Committee. For instance, when Toshi and/or I plan business trip to unsafe locations, one of the members of the Committee can exercise its authority. These structure will be useful when we go around the world.

For the last twelve years, there was no accident related to our activities in any Pangaea activity locations.
It is because our volunteer staff learn safety at Pangaea training session, and because technical staff create environment everytime to prevent on-site accidents such as setting tables and computers safely and taping cables. We will remain vigilant and try to keep no accidents in our activities.

We know the tragedy what is happening around the world. However, there are many new projects to be launched for solving these problems.
Please think about your small contribution to society which you can do in your own way even when you are pretty busy in your daily life.

(*) Language Grid is an online multilingual service platform which enables to combine and use language services such as online dictionaries, bilingual corpora, and machine translators:

2. Activity Report
This month we received the photos of Pangaea Activity in Cambodia from Ms. Sodany. They were making Pangaea Playing Cards that introduce their local stuff! One of these pictures shows that youths are drawing Cambodian nature and sports. They describes mountains and trees with various kind of greens. When I thought of famous things in Cambodia, first of all, I come up with Angkor Wat. What do you come up with? I'm looking forward to getting to know Cambodian things more from their Pangaea Playing Cards. I can't wait to see them!

Photos are here

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