November 01, 2013

 Pangaea Newsletter for November 2013

Hello everyone!

I am Yuki, the Pangaea Newsletter editor.
We have only two months left this year. It is getting cold these days.
It was November last year when I joined Pangaea.
Writing newsletter was a full of bewilderments when I started, but now, I enjoy it! It is important to get used to doing something.

Getting back to normal operations from the last month, I asked Kaba-chan, the facilitator leader in Kyoto Univ. Village, to write an essay on the activity.
Also, we have YMC Viet Project Report on the Vietnam activity from Koji, an intern at Pangaea backoffice, and introduction of some of the next year activities.
Don't miss them!

+Kyoto University Activity Report by Kaba-chan
+Vietnam Report by Koji
+Next year activities

Kyoto University Activity Report by Kaba-chan
On Saturday October 27th, we, Kyodai villagers, successfully held our October activity.
Grateful that "typhoon 27" swerved away from Kansai area, we started Pangaean annual event - designing Playing Cards!
While preparing for this activity, I was amazed how time flew by... It was already card activity season again! The children seemed to have the same feeling.

Among the 15 participants, 7 were the same children who worked with playing cards last year.
They said,
'Cards? Again?'
'Yeah. I felt the same way, but one year has already past, you know.'
And I told them that this year was extra special because our Kenyan friends were also designing playing cards and that for some Kyodai members, this year was their first time designing cards. So why not join hands and make fresh, new cards?
With this motto, this month' s activity was lively and cheerfully as ever.

So what are 'Pangaean Playing Cards?' A brief description.
Children design the playing cards by themselves which depicts the reality of their community and daily life from their own viewpoint. Each card is attached to a certain theme.
For example, the 'Ace' card is themed with‘what we wear in school', the '2' card is 'Where we like to play,' the '3' is 'what we eat for lunch,' and so forth.
Children of each village design a set of 13 playing cards.
'Pangaean Playing Cards' vividly shows each child's honest view of their culture.
This is an unique tool of Pangaea, which allows the opportunity for anyone to learn other cultures in an fun and enjoyable way.

Now let's go back to see what the Kyodai children did this month.
First, they had brainstorming to have as many ideas as they could come up with.
Initially, some children said they had no idea, but after listening to some of their friends' opinions, it inspired them to bring out one idea after another.
At the end, I had trouble trying to persuade them that 'This is enough, let's go on to next work!'
After brainstorming, we had a time to choose which idea we liked best but that sparked another discussion! Many of the children were exhausted after being involved in such deep discussions.

You did a great job, Kyodai children!
I am sure that you will design brand new cards which will shine light on a different aspect of Kyoto culture! Coming soon!

Vietnam Report by Koji
YMC Viet Project: Starting up a new activity site at Dong Thanh!!
Hi, this is Koji, an Pangaea intern.

Today's news is about YMC (Youth Medicated Communication).
I joined YMC kickoff workshop at a new site , Dong Thanh area in Mekong Delta area, as a support member last month.
We have 15 participants and 3 facilitators (including 1 tech staff).
Surprisingly, the venue was located in the center of a morning market where you can see many kinds of fresh food, e.g. fresh hanged chicken!!

In the first session of YMC presentation lecture, the participants looked a little bit bored, however, they got so excited when they each received a cellphone.
Their concentration was just so amazing during the next session, which they learned how to use PC and how to measure rice condition with the tools of mobile.
They earnestly listened to the lecture and put what they learned into practice.
Interestingly, we found the first-hand experience must be the best energy for their learning.
They could understand how ICT works through their experiences.
Yumi, CEO of Pangaea, believes that this is a meaningful way to make a good use of mobile, not like wasting time by using ICT for net-surfing.

At the end of the workshop, we played a little role-play drama of YMC,which everybody enjoyed with laughter and sometimes with tears(?).
Children ended up leaving the room with a hopeful look.
I am sure they will do their best!

You can see those pictures here;

Next year activities
The webcam activity between and a school in Cambodia and Kashiwa-no-ha will be taking place in the next January.
The school in Cambodia is one of the schools that were built by Bernie Krisher's project that he mentioned at the 10th anniversary symposium.

We will have exciting and busy New Year opening.
Don't miss it !

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