March 20, 2011

 Message from Korean Pangaea Kids

20110321_mizy0.jpgPangaea activity was held yesterday at UNESCO Mizy Center in Korea. In Tokyo, the last activity in Yoyogi Elementary School was canceled before relocation to Ebisu in April, as there may be blackouts while there are participating children who comes all the way to Yoyogi by train. Everybody was looking forward to the last activity at our familiar place where Pangaea spent seven long years and I am so sorry. I called each participant in person to let them know how sorry I am. While we were going through this in Tokyo, I received these messages from Mizy, with such words as "Fight!", "The world is one", "We support Japan" and pictographs... Our hearts are one. Everybody worries about us and cheers us up. I am really grateful to everybody in Seoul, facilitators and Mizy for their warm messages. As Pangaea children grow up, I imagine that they are going to take initiative to make better society.







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March 12, 2011


Hours after a massive earthquake attack in Japan, images of devastations keep coming from TV. Thinking of those who are facing tough situations now, I hope after-quakes and tsunami stop. I pray for all Pangaea participants (children, facilitators, back office volunteers, and Pangaeans) of Tokyo Area that they are unhurt. Even in Kyoto, I felt the quake for a long time yesterday afternoon. When after-quakes still continue, and probably will for a while, those of you who live in Tokyo area, please be careful and stay at a safety place. Many messages for their concerns of our safety came from Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. A message also came from Vietnam in Vietnamese which I didn’t understand, but it was a mail to ask if we are OK as I translated with Langrid. I think some are feeling uneasy, but hold on! I will see you all soon. Yumi

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March 07, 2011

 March 2011 Newsletter: Yumi's Monthly Note

Hello everyone!

A month of January and February went flying, and I amngoing back and forth between Kyoto and Vinhlong, Vietnam. Difference of temperature is well over 30 degrees, and it is bit tough to adjust my body.
However, things are going very well with help from staffs in Vietnam, and works done by Japanese staffs. YMC Viet project is

an experiment of YMC (Youth mediated communication) Model. We plan to have YMC Viet Project Opening Ceremony at Ho Chi Ming's Rex Hotel in Vietnam on March 3rd.
Program has started on Feb 16 after running youths workshops and pre- interviews. Despite of short time, we had been thinking about this project over two years, so we were ready.
For Pangaea activities, we will run our Korea program at Seoul UNESCO Mizy Center for 2011. Also we will re-kick off Kenya. Ready to expand, we will visit Europe and US. Having great Pangaean like Sophia at Mizy, and Kim Rose from US, they give us necessary guidances.
We will start running facilitator training in Spring.
I hope to see many of you at this coming visit from May to June.
We will go to Seoul in April. Please contact me if you have some suggestions and advices.
Hope you all enjoy wonderful spring season soon.

Well, I introduce Masanobu Ishimatsu a. k. a. "Guts", a facilitator, as a Pangaea Ring Writer for this month.


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 March 2011 Newsletter: Pangaea ring -Mr.Masanobu Ishimatsu

I introduce Masanobu Ishimatsu a. k. a. "Guts", a facilitator, as a Pangaea Ring Writer for this month.

Hello, I am Masanobu Ishimatsu a.k.a. Guts.
I am working as a facilitator of Pangaea in Kyoto University.
I am belonged to Prof. Ishida and Prof. Matsubara's lab and going to start working for an IT company from this April.
Toshi-san who is a vice president and my senior in the lab introduced Pangaea to me in April 2009. At the time I was participating in an activity to think about new Pangaea's game as a TA of a small seminar with Toshi-san and other students. As a part of it I joined a webcam activity with Malaysian children. I was so impressed that children enjoyed playing games and communicating each other in spite of their different cultural backgrounds. I participated in these activities as a facilitator rather than a technical staff because I like to play with children.
The most impressive moment in Pangaea activities was a webcam activity with Korea in Kyoto University in Nov 2009. I joined the activity as a facilitator in charge of a team yellow. In my team there was a boy who was a little bit naughty and he scribble on a panel which was supposed to be used for a self-introduction. I saw him scribbling and advised him to write it properly. When we were playing "Nazoren" the boy could get an answer with only 2 hints from Korean children so he was very glad and excited about it.
After the activity I read his questionnaire form and found out that he drew a Japanese flag and a Korean flag were holding their handsfriendly.
I am very impressed that the activity influenced and changed him a lot.
Through Pangaea's activities I learned that ICT technology can touch children's hearts so much. Because of these experiences I chose the company I am going to work for. I am going to continue working with Pangaea even after I start working. I would like to keep in touch with Pangaea and these children.

Thank you!

Masanobu Ishimatsu
Master's Student, Ishida & Matsubara Lab.
Department of Social Informatics,
Kyoto University

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