May 29, 2012

 Seoul-Kyoto Webcam on Sat May 26

Webcam activity was held connecting Mizy Center in Seoul, Korea and Kyoto Univ. in Kyoto, Japan on Saturday May 26th.


On the side of Kyoto, there were some children who were a little nervous, but after the activity, they found out Korean participants were fun to be with.


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May 07, 2012

 2012 Activity Started at Mizy in Seoul, Korea

Activity of the new school year has started at Mizy in Seoul, Korea on Saturday April 28th.

28 children and 17 new facilitators joined this year!

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May 02, 2012

 Pangaea Newsletter - May 2012

+ Start of 2012 Activities
+ Pangaea Ring - Mr. Takashi Ogawa
+ Activity Report in April 2012

Start of 2012 Activities
Activities have started in April at Kyoto International School in Kyoto, Japan
and at MIZY Center in Seoul, Korea. OK Village in Tokyo, Japan and
Kyodai (Kyoto Univ.) Village in Kyoto, Japan will start their activities
on Saturday May 26th. The first activity at Kyoto will be Webcam with MIZY.
Miedai (Mie Univ.) Village in Mie, Japan will start its activity on Saturday June 23rd.

Also, since the start of “Donation Campaign for 100 Donors”
last December, Pangaea could receive 338,664 JPY donations
from 70 donors as of now. Thank you so much for your cooperation.
We look to your continuous support to Pangaea!

Pangaea Ring - Mr. Takashi Ogawa
Hello everyone! I am Ogawa, a Pangaea technical staff at Ebisu.
I work for an IT company as a designer and have been involved in
Pangaea activities as a volunteer staff providing technical advice
such as PC set up and application usages.

My first encounter with Pangaea was the activity to connect countries
with web-camera. Leveraging internet technology, the activity displayed
the possibility of the communication beyond the language barrier
with which I sympathized. Therefore, ever since I had relocated myself
to Tokyo due to my job, I have been participating in Pangaea activities.

As a designer, I always think about the use of the technology
to make people happy and act accordingly.
The word, design, had been used to differentiate products.
Nowadays, the scope of this concept has been expanded not only to goods
but also to matters, namely, to the intangible subjects.
I believe that the Pangaea activity is certainly the exemplar
that is correctly designed and practiced accordingly.

As I participate, I am always surprised by the activities of the children.
For example, at the event of creating playing-cards, our small talk
over the curiosity of combining drawings with photos ended up
with the lovely piece of work with a collage technique.
At another event of plotting the complex animation, our discovery of
combining elements after setting the movement to each piece
had turned into a fabulous production.
The desire to convey ideas to others is giving birth to creative works.
I understand that those results were achieved
because of the Pangaea's philosophy and its environment
that are appropriately designed.

I find a pleasure in participating in Pangaea activities.
I also find that the volunteering has been drawing people's attention
recently as the room to contribute to the society in addition to the workplace.
I can see the increasing importance of Pangaea
being the globally valuable and visionary NPO
that leads the R&D of technology for international interaction.

Pangaea has the philosophy to build the peaceful and creative society
through their efforts to which I assent and thus would like to be
involved continuously. I know there are a lot I can learn from Pangaea activities
as a designer. I would like to be proactive in pumping up the activities
with pleasure so that I will be able to contribute to the designing
of the Pangaea activity itself.

Activity Report in April 2012
Lecture by Yumi @ Meiji Gakuin Univ.
Ms. Yumiko Mori, Chairman of Pangaea gave a lecture at Meiji Gakuin Univ.,
in Tokyo, Japan on Thursday April 19th.

Activity of the New Term Has Started at KIS
Pangaea activity of the new term has started at Kyoto International School
(KIS) in Kyoto, Japan.

What do you think Pangaea is?
Extract from the comments of 2011 Pangaea participants

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