June 26, 2012

 Yumi's Lecture @ Ritsumeikan Univ.

Yumi gave a lecture at International Education Center of Ritsumeikan Univ. on Tuesday June 12th.

Students listened to her lecture with great interest and asked many questions afterword. Some of they even made inquiries about volunteering or internship with Pangaea. Thank you for your interest in Pangaea!

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June 18, 2012

 May 26th Webcam Photos from Korea!

Some photos were sent from Pangaea Seoul site. They were taken at the occasion of Webcam activity on Sat May 26th connecting Seoul, Korea and Kyoto, Japan.


Korean participants found out that Japanese kids like Miso Soup, K-Pop and Korean entertainers. After the activity, there was one child who answered "They are very kind and more considerate than I thought".


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June 12, 2012

 Pangaea Newsletter - June 2012

+ Yumi on the radio on Thu June 7th at NHK Radio Shinyabin
+ Campaign for 100 donors: almost there!
+ Pangaea Ring: Ms. Fukuko Watanabe
+ Activity Report in May 2012

Yumi on the radio on Thu June 7th at NHK Radio Shinyabin
Yumi’s interview titled “Connect the children all over the world” will be on NHK Daiichi radio on Thursday June 7th between 1:00-2:00 am in “NHK Radio Shinyabin”.


(Note that the date is June 7th but it will be just after the midnight of 6th.) Please listen!

Campaign for 100 donors: almost there
Since the start of “Donation Campaign for 100 Donors” last December, Pangaea could receive 402,664 JPY donations from 88 donors as of now. With 12 more donors, we will be achieving 100 for this fiscal year! Thank you so much for your cooperation. We look to your continuous support to Pangaea!


Pangaea Ring: Ms. Fukuko Watanabe
Hello everyone!

My name is Watanabe.
I have been translating monthly Pangaea news letters from Japanese to German as a volunteer staff for 4 years since 2008.

At the end of 2007, I found Pangaea when I was searching for the activity through which I could leverage my German skill that I had majored in University. I learnt that Pangaea was an organization that offered the place for the international communication for children in various countries and had wished to be able to contribute to their meaningful activities.

With such belief, I have been able to be a part of Pangaea activities to date. As I read the monthly newsletter, I find the existence of the strong leadership that lead the Pangaea’s steady activity.

Unfortunately, I had not had the opportunity to be at the site of the activity but have seen it through the video that Mr. Hanada had shown me. Kids in the video were very lively and I had developed the belief that their activity would produce international persons in future.

As a member who is in charge of the German translation, I must wonder if the activities in Vienna have been conducted periodically or not. Of cause, I am doubtful if my German is good enough to convey their message. I am also greatly interested in learning the difference in communications between Japan and Asian countries such as Korea, and European countries, if any. May be there are no such differences in children's communications!

Pertaining to the volunteer, people are very proactive about volunteering in Germany. I heard that 1/3 of the German is somewhat involved in the volunteer activities. The belief that the society is supported by the mutual-aid has been instilled and reflected in various institutions. I believe that Pangaea had embodied such volunteer splits.

I shall continue to look forward to learning active children's reports from Pangaea and pray for the further success.

Activity Report in May 2012
Seoul-Kyoto Webcam on Sat May 26
There were some Kyoto children who were a little nervous, but after the activity, they found out Korean participants were fun to be with.


2012 Activity Started at Mizy in Seoul, Korea
28 children and 17 new facilitators joined this year!

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