September 28, 2011

 September MIZY Center Activity in Seoul, Korea

Pangaea activity was held at MIZY Center in Seoul, Korea on Saturday September 24th to complete their Pangaea Playing Cards. blog.jpg

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September 26, 2011

 Kyoto International School (KIS), Kyoto, Japan

Third KIS Pangaea club activity was held since the start of the new school year. Houses and rooms are now completed. 20110927_blog.jpg

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 September Activity at Kyoto Univ., Japan

Pangaea activity was held at Kyoto Univ. ("Kyodai"), Japan on Saturday September 24th. "Suppy" challenged the role of facilitator leader for the first time!

First, children completed all designs for "Kyodai" Pangaea Playing Cards.

Then they made animation after the explanation about Pangaeum and Viscuit by "Gori".

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 Pangaea Newsletter Extra Issue on Sep 20, 2011

Office Relocation of NPO Pangaea
This is to inform you that we have moved this weekend and our address and telephone / fax numbers have changed.
Our new contact detail is as below:

Shijo Hirano Bldg. #402, 716-1 Shin Kamanzacho, Shimogyo-ku,
Kyoto 600-8471 Japan
Tel: +81-(0)75-741-8877 | Fax: +81-(0)75-741-8876

The nearest station to our new office remains the same: Shijo Station of Subway Karasuma Line and Karasuma Station of Hankyu Railways. It is a three minutes walk to the west along Shijo street from Exit 26 of both stations.
You can see the map from below URL:

There will be no change to our email addresses and website URL's.
Thank you for your continuous support to Pangaea.

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September 13, 2011

 Kyoto International School, Japan

There was a second Pangaea activity of the new school year at Kyoto International School, Japan on Monday. Participants drew their houses and rooms, and their profile photos were taken.

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September 12, 2011

 Activity at Mie Univ.

Pangaea activity was held at Mie Univ., Japan on Saturday September 10th.

Children discussed how they would like to go about preparing Pangaea playing cards with "KyonKyon" and "Yuri-chan" as facilitator leaders.

"Meotoiwa" or the pair of the rocks is the scenery that Mie children are proud of.

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September 06, 2011

 Facilitator Leader Training

On Sunday September 4th, the Facilitator Leader Training and Technical Training were held at Pangaea Kyoto Office with the participation of four volunteers from Tokyo and Kyoto. “Yuri-chan” who participated from Tokyo took these courses during her stay in Kyoto as an intern. The training report by Yuri-chan is as follows (translation to English is by herself):

smll320_IMG_0570.JPG On September 4th, I got a facilitator leader training and a technical training at PANGAEA office in Kyoto. I heard a lecture about PANGAEA by Ms. Mori in college classes a year ago, and I was interested in PANGAEA. I have joined activities in Tokyo as a facilitator since then. My experience of a facilitator is still young, so I felt a little anxiety about whether I could understand the content of trainings and advantage them in activities, but on the other hand I was looking forward to get trainings because things that I can do in activities might increase.

small_IMG_0575.JPG In the facilitator leader training, I found that a facilitator leader had to take an extensive view of overall the activity. Since the time when I had joined PANGAEA activities, I was a facilitator, so in almost all activities I played with children following a facilitator leader. However, of course a facilitator leader has to observe the progress of the activity and children. Before an activity, a facilitator leader makes an agenda but I may need to make changes to it according to the actual occasion of the activity. I thought cooperation with stuffs participating in the activity was so important in such a situation. Also, the technical training was helpful for me to know the work that technical staffs do in an activity.

small_IMG_0578.JPG Ms. Mori said that if we could make a fine circle at the beginning of the activity, the activity would be good. I think making a fine circle with everybody joining the activity at the time of the introduction of the activity and cooperating with them to do that are so small things but so important things. If everybody realize the importance, our activity will be better.

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September 01, 2011

 Pangaea Newsletter - September 2011

+ Pangaea Ring - Mr. Shinya Kato
+ Translation Assistance Robot "Gengoro" will appear on PangaeaNet
+ Activities in August 2011

It's been a few months since the last Pangaea Ring, but it is back this month. Mr. Shinya Kato wrote about how he started the part time job assisting technical development of Pangaea, and how he feels about the renewal of PangaeaNet that is currently ongoing. Mr. Kato also participates in Pangaea activities that are held at Kyoto University. Thank you for your help Shin, as always!
Another article is to introduce "Gengoro", the translation assistance robot that is to appear on PangaeaNet.

Pangaea Ring - Mr. Shinya Kato
Hi, I am Shinya Kato, or "Shin", and am working part-time assisting technical development of Pangaea. I am a senior at Kyoto Computer Vocational Collage and will be working as web engineer in Tokyo from next April.

I first came to know about Pangaea, when it was introduced to me by my instructor. I was asked if I would be interested in working part-time at the non-profit organization called Pangaea, as it was looking for someone who could assist their technical development. It was the time when I was about to start my job hunting seriously, so I felt that this was something that I would be able to add to my resume, and that I would be able to learn. So it was a casual try when I decided to go to the interview.

I met Vice President Mr. Takasaki at the interview to come to know the extraordinary beginning of Pangaea and the outline of the YMC-Viet Project, in which I would be involved the first. It was an agricultural assistance project utilizing ICT, where literate children would act as mediator for their illiterate parents. I was really interested in this project that I have never heard of, and I told Mr. Takasaki that I would like to join the development on the spot, and was hired as a part-timer.

While YMC system development was ongoing, I was busy with my job hunting, too. So my life then was simple and full with these two events. I cannot remember what else I was doing other than these. When the system was safely completed by the support of other capable engineers in the team, I remember that I was truly thrilled to watch the video where Vietnamese children were using the system joyfully. As I first intended (?), I could get the best result out of my job hunting, too, talking about my Pangaea experience in the interviews and so forth.

I now participate in Pangaea activities at Kyoto University and am also involved in the renewal of PangaeaNet. I give it my best, working with Mr. Takasaki, Erik, the designer, and Mr. Kadowaki or "Kadoppe", who participates as a volunteer.

As I participate in the activities, I can get direct feedbacks from children and facilitators about current PangaeaNet, based on which I would like to improve it further. The design will be renewed and the new functionalities would be added on the new PangaeaNet, so children will be able to communicate more actively.
Please look forward to it!

Shinya Kato
Informatics Dept., Kyoto Computer Vocational Collage

Translation Assistance Robot "Gengoro" will appear on PangaeaNet
As in the Pangaea Ring article of Mr. Shinya Kato, the renewal of PangaeaNet is currently ongoing. The translation assistance robot "Gengoro" will appear on PangaeaNet after this renewal.

In the agricultural assistance project that was implemented in Vietnam this spring, Gengoro worked to translate the questions from Vietnamese children before delivering them to Japanese experts, and to return the advice from the latter to the former.

Gengoro would start thinking immediately after it receivs questions that children got from their parents, or farmers. Then he would translate from Vietnamese to Japanese one after another. There were times when he would start crying, as the translation between these two languages was so difficult. He still tried very hard and sweated to challenge the difficult task for children and Vietnamese farmers and contributed to the project.

A_small.gif C_small.gif D_small.gif
As a result of agricultural project in Vietnam, all 30 participating children answered that they were more interested in farming than before, and over 90% of Vietnamese farmers answered that they would like to try advices from Japanese experts in the interview that was held after the project.

Gengoro, the translation assistance robot, has not shown its appearance, but he is already working in Pangaea Webcam activity. It is Gengoro who was translating hints and answers in "Nazoren" game, where teams of children located at different sites give up to five hints to their counterparts, so they would be able to guess the right answer.

Gengoro showed his outstanding work in Vietnam project and was quietly helping Webcam activities. How will he evolve and exercise his capabilities on PangaeaNet? Watch out!

Activities in August 2011
Yumiko Mori, President of Pangaea gave a lecture on Monday August 22nd, at the training session for teachers organized by Tsu Municipal Board of Education.

Toshiyuki Takasaki, Vice President of Pangaea, gave a lecture on Tuesday August 30th at Kyoto University of Art and Design.

Pangaea activity will resume at Kyoto International School (KIS) in September with the start of the new school year!

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