August 31, 2012

 Volunteer of the Year 2011 Award Presentation

On 25 Aug 2012, Yumi presented the Volunteer of the Year 2011 Award to Mr Kohei Kadowaki, also known to everyone at Pangaea as "Kadoppe".


Pangaea volunteers turned up at Pangaea headquarters, where the award presentation was held, to congratulate Kadoppe. Yumi also specially prepared home-cooked food for the occasion.


"Thank you, Pangaea, for this wonderful Volunteer of the Year award. It was five years ago when I first participated in Pangaea's activities. With the support from Toshi-san and Yumi-san, as well as the rest of the staff and volunteers of Pangaea, I was able to contribute my technical knowledge to Pangaea's activities. Although I am still learning and developing my skills, the award is a great motivation to me. From now on, I will work hard for Pangaea not only in the area of technology support but also in activity facilitation. I hope everyone will give me your guidance and support. Once again, thank you very much!" said a happy Kadoppe.

Congratulations, Kadoppe! We are privileged to have you as our volunteer and we look forward to your continued support too!

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August 30, 2012

 Impressions of Kyoto from the children's eyes

On 28 Jul 2012, the highlight of the day's program for Kyoto University participants was to make a village that best represents Kyoto, which they could introduce to participants in other Pangaea sites.

The activity began with a brainstorming session in which the children came up with many ideas on what they could draw for the village. From famous temples to renown symbols of Kyoto's traditional arts and culture, the ideas kept flowing!

And here is the wonderful masterpiece containing the pictures drawn by every child who was present. Can you recognize these symbols of Kyoto?


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 July 28th Webcam interaction between Seoul in Korea and Mie in Japan!

On 28 Jul 2012, a webcam activity was conducted for the children in Seoul, Korea to interact with the children at Mie University, Japan!

Before the actual webcam connection, the children got into position as they prepared for the "Koetsuna" voice game, which is an ice-breaking game.


Children from Seoul all set to interact with their new friends in Mie.


Children from Mie all ready in their "Koetsuna" formation.


Participants from Mie commented after the activity that the children from Korea seemed to be very energetic and that they would like to get to know them better. The participants also learnt that spicy food seemed to be popular in Korea.

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August 12, 2012

 Recruitment of participants and volunteers for new location at the Urban Design Center Kashiwa-no-ha

Pangaea activities at the Urban Design Center Kashiwa-no-ha (UDCK) in front of the Kashiwa-no-ha campus in Chiba has commenced!

The recruitment drive for participants and volunteers has begun too. For more details, click on the link below.

We look forward to more people joining Pangaea!

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August 01, 2012

 Pangaea Newsletter - August 2012

Hello everyone,

It's been so hot in Kyoto recently. The temperature was more than 35 degrees at times. And as the temperatures soared, so did the spirits in Kyoto. One of biggest Japanese festivals known as the "Gion Matsuri" was held here in July and we could see the parade of the Hoko floats from Pangaea headquarters.

In this July issue of the newsletter, we have a few pieces of good news to share.

+ Campaign for donors: A note of gratitude
+ Volunteer of the Year 2011 unveiled!
+ New location in Chiba encourages wider participation!

Campaign for donors: A note of gratitude
Pangaea embarked on a Campaign for 100 Donors last December. To date, we have received donations from more than 100 people. Thank you for your generous contributions! We look forward to your continuous support!

Volunteer of the Year 2011 unveiled!
The Volunteer of the Year 2011 Award has been decided! He is Mr Kohei Kadowaki, known to the staff and children of Pangaea as "Kadoppe"! Beginning as a volunteer in technology support, Kadoppe has risen to become a volunteer Technical Leader in the 5 years he has been volunteering at Pangaea. He is a dependable Technical Leader whom we can entrust important tasks. In particular, he has been a great help in our webcam activities as well as providing Toshi with technical support, contributing to Pangaea's development.

There was one occasion in which Toshi was away in Seoul and we were in trouble a day before a webcam activity because a web camera did not connect to the internet. At that time, we had to seek Kadoppe's help at short notice. Although he had a prior appointment, he cancelled it just so that he could help us resolve the issue.

Kadoppe is kind and friendly and his good-natured personality helps create a really nice atmosphere at our activities. More importantly, he gets along well with everyone. A good facilitator, Kadoppe is also able to maximize the ability of the children, as evident in the activities in which he guides the children in creating animation. From an undergraduate to a working professional now, Kadoppe still makes time for our activities. We appreciate him so much. We definitely look forward to maintaining this relationship with Kadoppe for a long time to come.

New location in Chiba encourages wider participation!
From 2 Sep 2012, Pangaea will begin to hold activities at the Urban Design Center Kashiwa-no-ha (UDCK) in front of the Kashiwa-no-ha campus in Chiba. With the new location, participation in Pangaea activities can be extended to more children. If you live near this area, we will share more details about recruitment for the activities soon. Please look out for the information.

Toshi and Kotaro's faculties in Tokyo University and Chiba University are moving there in Kashiwa-no-ha. We hope new volunteers will join us.

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