January 01, 2013

 Pangaea Newsletter - January 2013

Hello everyone,

A Happy New Year to you!

At Pangaea, excitement is in the air as we enter 2013
because this is a very special year for Pangaea.
We are celebrating our 10th Anniversary!

2013 looks set to be another exciting year for us at Pangaea
as we are gearing ourselves up for a series of activities
that will make our 10th year milestone in Pangaea's journey
even more meaningful.

Read on to find out more!

+ New Year Message from Yumi, Chairman of Pangaea
+ Pangaea opens new branch office in Seoul, Korea
+ Pangaea's First "Live" Webcast : Catch the 12, January, 2013 Webcam
between Nairobi and Tokyo "live" via U-stream!
+ Pangaea participates in 2nd Vietnam-Japan Workshop on Youth Mediated
+ Activity Report for December 2012

New Year Message from Yumi, Chairman of Pangaea

A Happy New Year. This is the 10th Anniversary Year for NPO Pangaea.
Yes, 10 years since we started our activity!

These 10 years have gone by very quickly.
So many things have happened and
so many people have helped, supported, and worked together with us.
Pangaea has touched many youths, volunteers, and supporters.
Among those who participated in Pangaea's activities
as youths when we first started out in 2003,
many have reached their 20’s.
To date, the number of participants have reached 6,000,
while activities have reached 570, and volunteers over 600.
I thank all of you who share the vision of Pangaea
to create a Universal Playground
to bridge youths regardless of differences, culture, religion,
economic background, physical distance, and languages.

As part of our Pangaea family, we would like to share our excitement
with you this year.
First, we open this year as a member of the Committee
for the 2nd Vietnam-Japan Workshop on YMC (Youth Mediated Communication)
from January 5th, 2013 in Vietnam
(view this website for more information: http://www.ailab.hcmus.edu.vn/ymc/).
We will have academics from both Japan and Vietnam,
as well as representatives from the Vietnamese government and local government
to take part in this event.
This year, our focus is on “Sustainability” and “Scalability”
of the YMC model.

After Vietnam, we will go to Nairobi, Kenya
to co-host Pangaea's Webcam Activity between Kenya and Tokyo, Japan.
I am very happy to announce
that this event will be broadcasted via U-stream.
It is the first time Pangaea will be sharing a Webcam Activity publicly.
If you have never seen one before, this is the great chance!
It is planned on January 12th (Saturday), and broadcast will start
around 4 PM (Japan time) and 10 AM (Kenya time).
I would like everyone, especially those of you who live outside Japan
to mark your calendar and witness our activity.
Please give us your support and click “Like”
on our Facebook Pangaea page!

Pangaea opens new branch office in Seoul, Korea

Pangaea will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) w
ith the MIZY Center, also known as the Seoul Youth Center
for Cultural Exchange on 18 January 2013.
This is yet another important milestone for Pangaea
as it means that we will have a new branch office
in Korea, at MIZY Center, from 2013!

MIZY Center has been partnering Pangaea since 2006
to promote cross-cultural exchanges
between the children of Korea and Japan.
As a Pangaea Activity Site, MIZY Center has run numerous activities
ranging from Webcam to PangaeaNet activities
which have benefited many young participants from both countries.

It is a great privilege for Pangaea
to be able to deepen the collaboration with MIZY Center
and to have such strong supports
from the staff and volunteers from the center.

Together with MIZY Center,
Pangaea will work to connect children all over the world
to promote cross-cultural understanding
and respect for cultural diversity.
We will seek to bring our mission to greater heights!

Pangaea's First "Live" Webcast : Catch the 12 January 2013 Webcam
between Kenya and Tokyo "live" on Ustream!

Pangaea will be holding our first "live" web cast
which will feature the Webcam Activity
between our new Pangaea site at the National Museum
of Kenya in Nairobi and Tokyo on 12 January 2013!

The "live" web cast will be available at 4pm (Japan Time) via Ustream
at this URL.

We invite you to join us in watching this activity on the internet
so do mark this date and time down on your diary!

Pangaea participates in 2nd Vietnam-Japan Workshop
on Youth Mediated Communication
>From 6 to 7 January 2013, Yumi and Toshi will be in Vietnam
to participate in the 2nd Vietnam-Japan Workshop
on Youth Mediated Communication
(YMC) held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The workshop brings together researchers
in informatics, agriculture and education who will discuss
how to sustain the YMC Viet Project and support rural development
for the benefit of the farmers in Vietnam.

Since the second round of the project implementation in October,
the YMC Viet Project has been going on according to schedule until now.
The Pangaea team is looking forward to contributing further
to help improve this project.

Activity Report for December 2012
The children at Kyoto University
had a good time making Pangaea Playing Cards
from last month on and they have finally completed them!
Children made them in the excitement more than usual
because the day was near the Christmas Day.

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