March 04, 2014

 Pangaea Newsletter for March Report of Mitei-san (Kenya) and Decision about Periodical Activities in Cambodia

Hello, everyone.
I'm Joukou, a Pangaea intern.
Spring vacation has come. Recently, I feel thatI devote my leisure time to PANGAEA.
This issue covers the trend of overseas bases and preparation
for Summer School. In Kenya, our webcam activities were got media
exposure. Of course, we will show you the article. First, however,
we would like you to read the report by Mr.Mitei, Public Program Director
in National Museum of Kenya, who is managing the activities over there.
Also, we will announce you the detail of activities and operations
in Cambodia which we introduced in last month's issue. Finally,
we conducted an experiment of play which is called 'Cricket.'
Children will enjoy the creative activity at Summer School.
We are looking forward to seeing what are made by the children in Summer School.

1.Report of Webcam between Kenya and Kashiwanoha from Mr.Mitei
2.Announcement of Periodical Activities in Cambodia!
3.Pre-Workshop of Summer School

1.Report of Webcam between Kenya and Kashiwanoha from Mr.Mitei
We did run a webcam activity on January 25, 2014.
It was very successful. Many children attended and were excited to
play with their colleagues in Japan. Those children who have met
Yumi and Toshi were very happy to see them again. Some children
came late because of transport challenges in Nairobi. Some children
were brought by their teachers while others were brought by their
parents. We had Albert being assisted by student interns at museum
while I was overseeing the activity. The media also attended.
The story was covered in one of the leading newspaper
in the children's magazine section.
We will run another webcam activity with Asian countries on 24 May 2014.

Thank you.

Kibet arap Mitei,
Public Program Director, National Museum of Kenya.

The article is attached here:
"the article of webcam between Kenya and Kashiwanoha "

There were two typos in the article. "universal background" shuold be
"universal playground" and "Australia" is "Austria."

2.Announcement of Periodical Activities in Cambodia!
In last month's issue, Yumi-san declared that we start activities
of PANGAEA in Cambodia. We will report detail of it.
In the first place, Mr. Bernard, who delivered a lecture at the
10th anniversary event of PANGAEA, built more than 550 primary
schools in Cambodia. He was former Far East bureau chief of
Newsweek, and was also the founder of Japan Relief for Cambodia.
He built schools and prepared internet environment. Hardware side
was fulfilled. However, contents were unprepared.
Under the circumstances, the activity program in Cambodia was
started in order to improve educational environment through
the collaboration with PANGAEA. In the beginning, they had a plan
to have Webcam only once on January 11st. But we succeeded in
having periodical activities by the force of Yumi-san!
We will hold activities every month from June. We are planning to
have the first activity would be Webcam activity between the three
countries between Korea, Japan, and Cambodia.
Actually, periodical activity from September in Sao Paulo, Brazil
is also decided.In Kyodai Village, children asked us for more
exchanges of the messages between the overseas children.
So, we are really delighted to live up to their expectations.
We would like to build more bases all over the world in the future.

3. Pre-Workshop for Summer School
On February 2nd, we conducted a pre-workshop of the play called
'Cricket' we will do in summer school at CAMP Okawa Development
Center. We got the Brazilian and Peruvian living in Konan city,
Shiga prefecture to cooperate in order to assume the situation that
the children from each country gather and there is no common language.
Although some problems arose, which were expected, we completed
the work whose theme is 'connection between people.' Please see
photos of their work and other activities by clicking on the link:

What is Cricket?
In short, children assemble blocks, such as LEGO block,
using the computer programming which is developed specially for
children. And then, they move the work. That is our image.

Cricket is a battery-operated small computer that was developed at
media laboratory of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
in the U.S. It can be connected to two motors and centers.
The movement and sound of motor, and the sensor operation can be
controlled by the software called LogoBlocks on personal computers.

Children cast their free ideas into shape with working together
cooperatively in a group and using personal computers
as a piece of equipment. It is one thing at first.
But they create their work in many ways at the end. They show their
each individuality. This program is filled with originality and discovery.

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