July 28, 2011

 June 25th Webcam Video by MIZY Center, Korea

Watch the 8-minute video taken and produced by Mizy Center, Korea, showing the webcam activity between Mizy Center in Seoul, Korea and Nairobi, Kenya on June 25th, 2011.

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July 24, 2011

 Activity on July 23rd at Kyoto Univ., Japan

Children went out to the city of Kyoto yesterday to take pictures for their "Pangaea Playing Cards" to introduce their daily lives with the design of each card. Children put on their caps/hats, got their water bottles and went out in the hot weather in four groups:

Red team went to cinnamon flavored sweets shop, Kamo River and Kumano Shrine.

Blue team went to Shimogamo Shrine.

Yellow team went to Heian Shrine.

Green team went to Kyoto Imperial Palace.

We'll see how their completed playing cards would look like in September!

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 Volunteer of the Year 2010 was Announced!

IMG_0481.JPG Mr. Hidetoshi Yoshioka was awarded with the Volunteer of the Year 2010.
Mr. Yoshioka was nominated because of his contribution as a volunteer to activities held at Kyoto Univ. and Kyoto International School in Kyoto, Japan till this March. He is working in Tokyo now, and participates in activities held at OK Village, Ebisu, where his Volunteer of the Year nomination was announced yesterday.
Mr. Yoshioka, thank you so much for your support to Pangaea activities both in Kyoto and in Tokyo. We look to your continuous support!

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July 21, 2011

 Pangaea's Agricultural Assistance Project in Vietnam was Introduced in "Language Grid Newsletter"

Pangaea's Agricultural Assistance Project in Vietnam, YMC-Viet utilizes the capability of children, who are usually literate amongst their adult population who are often illiterate in the farming district of Vietnam, to help mediate the communication between Japanese agricultural experts and their parents or farmers through YMC (Youth Mediated Communication) system that entails mobile phone, internet and translation software, to realize the model to improve productivity in the farming district of Vietnam. The project was introduced in "Language Grid Newsletter".



Watch the video that shows how the project was implemented between February and March 2011 in Vietnam.

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July 17, 2011

 Mie Univ. Activity on July 16 (Japan)

Yesterday, Mie participants newly recorded their village name "Miedai".
Check out how they recorded three different patterns of Mie Univ. village names with below 24-sec video clip. Largest number of children liked the third one.

Children also prepared four patterns of new Miedai Villages.
They will be uploaded to PangaeaNet in turn.


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July 14, 2011

 Survey Result of Kenya-Korea Webcam

As a result of the survey taken at Webcam activity on June 25th, the rate of Korean children who answered they strongly like Kenyan participants before Webcam activity was 24%, which went up to 76% after it.



20 out of 21 Korean participants answered that they can speak Korean and English. Multiple children answered that they can speak three languages or more, such as Arabic, French, Chinese, Japanese and Italian besides English.

Even the child who answered that he is not interested in Kenya before the activity commented "They are black but we are same" afterwards.

Similarly, the rate of Kenyan children who answered they strongly like Korean participants before Webcam activity was 32%, which went up to 81% after it.



13 out of 19 Kenyan children answered that they can speak Kiswahili, Kikuyu and French besides English.

After the activity, Kenyan children answered that they found that Korean weather is cold, their skin colors are different and Koreans also eat banana. About Korean children, they answered that they enjoyed playing together with them, they are kind and polite and they liked Kiswahili.

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July 01, 2011

 Pangaea Newsletter - July 2011

Report from Kenya by Yumiko Mori, President of Pangaea
IMG_4648.jpg Jambo! This is a report from Kenya.
It is actually in winter now in Nairobi, that is located in the southern hemisphere. You many think it would be hot in Kenya but actually, the weather here is like that of summer resort all around the year. We tried to start our activities here with UNESCO four years ago, when the general election was held, but the plan was discontinued due to the crisis that followed. So I came back to Nairobi for the first time since 2008. The differences that I found since then is that there are less trash scattered on the street and other places. Also, people seem to follow the traffic rules better than before.

IMG_4588.jpg We visited UNESCO headquarter in Paris before we come to Nairobi.
They found our presentation impressive when we showed them the record and the video of our activities in recent years including our Vietnam project, and said that they wanted to arrange so we would be able to present to more people in their HQ. They also gave us information about Africa, Asia and ICT.
UNESCO has its East African regional center in Nairobi, Kenya.
We also had meeting with them to discuss our future implementation plan. Africa is far way from Japan and the travel cost is expensive. So we are trying to work it out so the local Pangaea activity will be funded and run locally.

IMG_4742.jpg On Saturday 25th, we held Webcam activity by connecting Nairobi and Seoul. The connection speed is beyond comparison with before. It is much faster now. At first, children in Nairobi were confused with the Asian language that they hear for the first time. But their voices gradually became louder as they were playing with giant picton. As two locations were connected with web cameras, Kenya won with Koetsuna after a tie. I could see how excited children in Seoul UNESCO Mizy center were with 2-second delay.

IMG_4598.jpg It is still much less safe here than in Japan even now, but there are good people and bad people in any country. Fearful impression of Africa seems to be stronger among people, as the press distributes negative news. Still, two Kenyan national paper visited our activity for coverage.

Intercultural communication creates opportunity to become aware and be proud of one's own culture. So as to communicate, you need to have something to present, otherwise it will not be interesting. You need to take it for granted that children would need some time to prepare for this: they need to think, share ideas and look at things from their counterpart's point of view. IMG_4768.jpgIt is tremendously onerous process if you think of it in a business context, but it should continue to be the heart and soul of Pangaea as we go forward, as our objective is to create the platform where children can bond across the wall of culture, language and distance. The visit to Kenya has become the opportunity to re-think what we should do now, ten years after the beginning in September 2001.

The First Pangaea Webcam Activity in Africa
Please see the report of Webcam Activity connecting Kenya and Korea on June 25 from below link:
Ms. Joohee Park, Facilitator Leader in Seoul, Korea gave us her comment.

Other Activities in June 2011
2011 Mie activity has started.
June 20th was the last day of the term at Kyoto International School, Japan.
Children at Kyodai (Kyoto Univ.) Village, Japan has started their preparation of Pangaea Playing Cards to introduce their daily lives.

Homepage Design Change
The top page of Pangaea website has been renewed.

Please see daily updates of Pangaea on facebook and twitter, by clicking the link buttons from the above top page.

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