April 01, 2014

 PANGAEA's Newsletter for April

Hello, I am Jyoko, who is in charge of the newsletters. To begin with,
I would like to introduce a company, Vegetalia inc. as our new sponsor for
the Mie University Village. Eri, who, was a leading member of the Mie
University Village, reported the webcam activity between Mie and
MIZY Center in Korea. In the webcam, kids played a game where they
played an instrument called “Otobiko” and the room was full of
amusing sounds from it. I would like also to report that children from
each village have made PANGAEA playingcards for this year.
The children were interested especially in the pictures that
Kenyan children drew. At the end of the newsletter, I will inform
the details of summer school that will take a part in this August.

1. “Vegetalia inc.” will be our new supporter for the Mie University Village
2. A report of the video meeting with Korea by Eri from the Mie University Village
3. A report from each village on PANGAEA playing cards
4. Details of the summer school and request for charity

1. “Vegetalia inc.” will be our new supporter for the Mie University Village
Each village is going to begin the activity from the next fiscal year.
Mie University village will be sponsored by Vegetalia inc. The village
will have an activity like before, named "Vegetalia Mie University village."
Thank you so much for supporting the village.
Each village have new system at other points. Ucchi, Bara, and I was
trained Facilitation Leader (FL) session, because the FL were graduated
from Pangaea.
I was impressed the words, said by Yumi "Children and staffs be amused or
not at the activity depending on FL. You will can't stop FL If you enjoy
the responsibility. " I swear that I will try hard to be my best at
the activity, which Vegetalia inc. and other many companies and
people supported, in order to let children be able to connect foreign
countries freely, happily.

Vegetalia inc. HP: http://www.vegetalia.co.jp/ (Japanese)

2. A report of the webcam activity with Korea by Eri from the Mie University Village
Hello, everyone. I'm Eri, facilitation leader in Mie University. I'm glad to
have a chance to write this report.
We had a Webcam Activity between Mie University in Japan and
MIZY Center in Korea. It was the final Pangaea Activity
of this fiscal year in Mie University. Children were looking forward to
have the webcam Activity when I announced the event on February.
I let children momentarily make their nickname sheet in Japanese and
Hangul at the day. They were trying to write their nickname through,
thinking whether children in MIZY can easy to read. So, they were asking
to facilitator "Can children in MIZY see the name of this font size?" A child
said, "I want to learn Hangul, so please give it (correspondence table) to me!”

Children were explained to the rule of a Koetsuna, a Matching Game,
an Otobiko and practiced greeting and doing self-introduction in Korean.
Next, they decided who painted what pictures for the Matching Game and
who were playing what a musical instrument for the Otobiko. After that,
the webcam Activity had begun. First, we said hello in Korean, and we had
a Koetsuna, Self-introduction, the Matching Game and the Otobiko
in order. The first greeting and the Koetsuna make children be active.
Thanks to the icebreaking, no child felt Embarrassed at self-introduction.
So they did proudly.

At the Matching Game, the half of teams met with success to match
a lot of pictures, while the others were not. But every group were trying
hard to think what the children in MIZY would come up with. Some children
in Mie painted a kimchi, a Korean laver, and a bulgogi. However, many children
in MIZY painted things around our daily life unexpectedly. I think children
found not only the difference between Japanese and Korean but also
the likeness. Some group wasn't able to meet with success. However,
they looked happy, though saying "I can't be successful", because they
was able to think and know each other. I was impressed to share
the gladness with both countries through webcam screen when the
team were successful. I have made sure with children that “Do not do
things that make others feel unpleasant,” the Pangaea only one rule.
We have started this fiscal year activity since June. Children have
connected not just with children in Mie University but also
in Kyoto University, Honest, Kashiwa-no-ha, MIZY, and NMK (Kenya).
Seeing the connection, I made sure that children have learnt
the importance of the Pangaea rule at the final activity of this fiscal year.

What is the Otobiko
※One side of the team is given the sheet of music and playing the music
instrument. Another side of the team remembers the music,
which the first side played. After that, the second side plays in correct
order. This game makes children over the place cope with each other.

3. A report on PANGAEA playing cards from each village
Children worked up PANGAEA playing cards for this year. Each number of
cards from aces up to kings has a theme, and the children designed cards
with photos or pictures according to the respective theme.
For example, Kenyan children chose a picture of rhino or other unfamiliar
animals to Japanese children for one of the themes, "animals around you."
In the Kyoto University Village, the children took pictures of temples and
coloured leaves. In the Kashiwa-no-ha village, children used a picture of
"Kashiwasshi-", an original character that they created during activities.
This year’s cards are definitely as interesting and amusing as previous
ones. There are also interesting designs that I did not mention here,
so please check them out in this link "
Picture of PANGAEA's Playing Cards"

4. Details about the summer school and request of donation
We are happy to announce the detail about summer school we introduced in the NL.

Official Name:Kyoto Intercultural Summer School for Youths
Host: Authorised NPO PANGEA
Co-host:Ishida & Matsubara Laboratory, Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University
Schedule: July 31st~August 5th (6 days and 5 nights)
Participating Children:About 24 students (Japan,Korea, Kenya, and Cambodia)
Venue: ,Shiran Kaikan Annex, Kyoto University
Collaboration:Korea Seoul MIZY Center, Nairobi National Museum,
     Bright Future Kids, Relief for Cambodia, SCSK CAMP(Cricket Workshop)

In the summer school, participating children attend Cricket Workshop and
create works about each theme with other children using machine
translation system, and finally make a group presentation.
Cricket Workshop is a cooperative creative activity by several people to
make moving objects like toys or objects, by programming into palm-sized
educational computer 'Cricket' with combining ordinary materials,
such as colored paper, cloth, and timber, with motor, light, censor,
and speaker. This project generates a new platform for children to discuss
their own idea beyond the differences of cultures, work styles,
and languages by using language translating tools. Until now, international
exchanges of PANGAEA was aimed at communicating each other.
This time, however, they will take one step further. They will not only
communicate across language barriers but also do creative activity with
discussing each other. The preparation for the discussion, such as
creating environment for brain storming is steadily proceeding. We are sure
that this project is very beneficial both for children and future
cross-cultural programs.
On the other hand, we could not receive an expected research grant
for this project. We have to conduct an extensive review of the budget
so that we ask you for donation in this NL. Thank you for continuing
support to the activities of PANGAEA. Your continued support for this
project will also be greatly appreciated.

For the way of donation, please refer to the following URL.

※Donator to Authorised NPO can receive contribution deduction
(tax deduction) in filing an income tax return.
For more detail, please refer to the following URL.
・PANGAEA HP 'About donation'

・ National Tax Administration Agency HP 'When donated to authorised NPO'(Japanese)

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