October 06, 2010

 October 2010 Newsletter: Yumi's Monthly Note

Hello Everyone!

I am very happy to let you all know our Webcam event on 9.11 between Tokyo and Seoul went well. Internet connection went bit poorly due to heavy net traffic at MYCC, but our Tech, Toshi and Hong both worked very hard, and we did have an excellent quality of activity at the end. It has been a quite while since Tokyo ran webcam with observers.
We had over 60guests, including Administrative Vice-Minister for Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, professors from various universities, researchers, corporate presidents, my former boss at toy company and his musician friend. It was a big demonstration as NTT EAST contributed to let us use their beautiful facility, NTT Intercommunication Center(ICC) in Shinjuku Opera Tower.
We received very nice emails from guests and parents of participants after the event. One mother said that her son who recently moved from northern Japan to Tokyo area enjoyed the event so much that he wants to learn Korean language.

This activity was supported and planned carefully by volunteers.
Each facilitator did what he/she was supposed to do by making atmosphere very friendly despite of many guests sitting at the end of room. Webcam menu Activity ran 16 times in last 6 1/2 years, and local activities totaled over 400. Creating a program which is sustained and motivates volunteers is a tough job, yet it brings us a lot of joy when it goes well.

Korean children are making greeting board for Japan, then making T-shirts to Kenyan children. Tokyo children will also make greeting board in October to be sent to Seoul. These exchanges happen naturally, and activity facilitator leaders are letting us know.

For those of you who are out there and are waiting for Pangaea to come to your city, please let us know. We are ready!

Well, I introduce the Pangaea Ring writer for this month, Ms. Cho Hye Yeon, known as ToTo, a staff at Mapo Youth Culture Center. The location of Pangaea activity in Korea moved to MYCC from this April and she became the key person to manage the activity.


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 October 2010 Newsletter: Pangaea ring - Ms. Cho Hye Yeon

Well, I introduce the Pangaea ring writer for this month, Ms. Cho Hye Yeon, known as ToTo, a staff at Mapo Youth Culture Center. The location of Pangaea activity in Korea moved to MYCC from this April and she became the key person to manage the activity.

Hello everyone!

My name is Cho Hye Yeon, known as ToTo, and I work at the Mapo Youth Culture Center (MYCC) here in Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea.

Pangaea project was launched at MYCC in April 2010 with 24 participating youths. MYCC is an institution designed to develop and implement various activities and programs for youths.

Pangaea program runs twice a month at MYCC, and currently have multiple Webcam exchanges from Tokyo and Mie, Japan. Among with many other programs we run, I find interests to be able to meet various people through Pangaea activities. After six months of working with Pangaea I see changes not only with participating children, but also within staffs and myself.
Children started to take interests to the world, and seems to be able to consider others who live in different countries. I think it is the charm Pangaea program offers, which we all can be friends through such international communication program. Their favorites are Webcam activity and also meeting with facilitators.

On this September 11th, we did Webcam activity with Tokyo, Japan as we all see each other's faces. We run Webcam on June with Mie prefecture.
On this September occasion, children started to memorize many names ofJapanese friends as our children are getting more familiar with Webcam. Although it was through projector screen, they were very excited and joyed a lot. They expressed happiness when they introduce themselves, then their names were called by friends in Japan. Also through "Nazoren" and "Matching Game", they were gaining understanding about different cultures. They wondered that several teams in Japan named "Lemon", for what is "Yellow".

I strongly hope to have international communication through ICT with many other Pangaea participating countries. Also I wish more youth centers in Korea will participate program like this for youths.
Through Pangaea, we learned how to understand other countries and the world. Children and facilitators also learned that without being able to speak the same language, we can become friends.
I hope to learn more about the world through Pangaea.

Thank you,

Cho Hye Yeon
Mapo Youth Culture Center
Youth Activity Team Manager

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