Record of press releases by Pangaea

March 14, 2012

 Tokyo-Seoul Webcam Event for Youth

Press Release NPO Pangaea will connect its two sites in Tokyo, Japan and Se...
Posted by: ayako

June 23, 2011

 Kenya-Korea Webcam

Pangaea will hold Webcam event on Saturday June 25th, 2011 connecting Nairo...
Posted by: ayako

June 01, 2006

 Press Conference in Vienna

We had the Press Conference about PAngaea Activity presided by Vienna city...
Posted by: kumakinoko

May 20, 2006

 Agreement with UNESCO Korea, Mizy-center

It was officially agreed with MIZY center, a facility of UNESCO Korea fund...
Posted by: kumakinoko

November 15, 2005

 Global Kickoff

Press conference was held to announce the global kickoff of the Project Pan...
Posted by: kumakinoko

April 19, 2004

 The Media Summit for Children and Adolescents

Project Pangaea was announced in the Media Summit for Children and Adolesce...
Posted by: kumakinoko

December 12, 2003

 Foundation of Pangaea

Official press release and the forum were held to mark the foundation of Pa...
Posted by: kumakinoko