February 22, 2012

 February OK Village Activity in Tokyo, Japan

Children prepared Viscuit animation diary with the theme of winter in February OK Village activity.

And this is another masterpiece created in OK Village, that everybody is looking into!

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February 05, 2012

 Pangaea Newsletter - February 2012

+ Donation Status Updates
+ Pangaea Ring - Ms. Tran Than Thi Ngan Hoa
+ Activity Report in January 2012

Donation Status Updates
Since the start of "Donation Campaign for 100 Donors" last December, Pangaea has received 217,000 JPY donations from 45 donors as of now. Thank you so much for your cooperation.

If Pangaea can obtain 3,000 JPY or more donations from 100 supporters annually, it will be authorized to give tax benefit to its donors based on the legal revision enforced as of June 2011 in Japan.

Pangaea is asking for the small-amount financial support from many people, for more stable running of the organization and the expansion of Pangaea activity.

Thank you so much for your continuous support to Pangaea!

Please see donation detail from Pangaea website below:

Pangaea Ring - Ms. Tran Than Thi Ngan Hoa
Hi, my name is Hoa from Centre for Informatics and Statistics (CIS), Ministry for Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD). I participated in the first meeting of AFITA (The Asian Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture) in January 24, 1998 in Wakayama City, Japan and other AFITA conferences in Korea, Thailand, China.., where Prof. Seishi Ninomiya is the Secretary General.

In 2009, when I received a letter from Prof. Seishi Ninomiya introduced Yumi, Pangaea and project YMC (Youth Mediated Communication). I didn't imagine a lot about this project but I was strongly attracted by the concept of YMC. Yumi and I were in regular contact and exchange information via email and chat. Yumi needed information about Vietnam, agriculture and especially rice cultivation in Vietnam. We discussed and determined the location of the project, the implementation plan ....

Finally, in 2010 the YMC-Viet project was approved and implemented in Thien My Commune, Tra On District, Vinh Long Province. All 30 children and parents were very excited to welcome the first activity in Thien My Cultural Center. Many parents take their children to the Center, stood looking from the window to see what their child do?

Organization Pangaea successfully provided innovative new approach to rural community, to communicate with illiterate farmers through their literate children. And in fact, it is easier and more effective than directly to farmers.

I think, once a successful project that can be replicated in many places, based on meteorological data as temperature and humidity and the status of rice growth including its height and the color of leaves over time..., adviced appropriate agricultural farming methods to be transferred will form a clean rice production processes, environmental protection, sufficiently attractive to high export prices.

Although time of YMC-Viet project was short, but we felt that project was very promising as we have seen great education opportunity for youths and they did speak with their parents after every visit to Center, and getting reply from experts.

I want to thank Pangaea, thank YMC-Viet project, thank Yumi and Toshi. I want to say that YMC-Viet project is not only projects generally, but also highly educational to change the perception of rural children about agricultural work and to change the relationship between the children with their parents, making them more good, hardworking and more concerned about their parents' farming work.

Finally, we all look forward to continue YMC Viet soon together.

Activity Report in January 2012
At OK Village in Tokyo, Japan, children started making "Viscuit" animation with the theme of winter.

Pangaea is going to get support from Hitachi, Ltd.
through its volunteer support program "Growing Tree".

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