February 20, 2006

 Visit to Nairobi, Kenya

The rainy season started in Kenya during our stay, and it was raining heavily on Mar 1, when we held the activity at Rusinga School. We had fun with twelve students who were much taller than I, regardless of the delayed arrival of the facilitators who were caught in the traffic jam caused by the flooded roads.

Pangaea activities were the first experience for the children, but they became totally comfortable with each other after the friend-introduction, and one of the girls thanked me for coming to their school. Children looked at the houses drawn in foreign countries, listened to the owner's names and mimicked their pronunciations.

Children's smiles are the best in every country. They truly enjoy our activities.

We are finally visiting the candidate site at the slam tomorrow. We were advised to not to take our PC's with us for the safety on the way. There are twelve PC's with dial-up connections there. We made an appointment with the largest provider here on Thursday, so we will see if they will be able to donate the faster facility.

I am starting to miss Japan. I would like to show the homes drawn during this trip to the Japanese children. It would be really nice if Pangaea children continue to increase and some of they become close friends. (Yumi)

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February 08, 2006

 Visit to Vienna, Austria

We held an activity on Feb 16 at "5er haus", the youth center in Vienna, Austria. I wanted to talk with a boy who came to me, but I couldn't, due to the difference of our languages. So I took him to the Communicator and made a conversation with him using it:
"I am Japanese, and you?"
"I am Austrian."
"What do you like to do? You like reading? How about computer game?"
"I do not like it."
We silently talked about the things that we wouldn't have been able to without the help of the Communicator.

I too draw my house in the activity. A girl came to me, pointed her finger to my house and threw a kiss at me, which made me happy.

We met PR representatives of the Viennese Youth Center on Feb 17, and decided to announce the Pangaea activity jointly with the Deputy Mayor of Vienna in May 2006. (Yumi)

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February 04, 2006


Pangaea activity was introduced in the "KIDS WEB JAPAN" run by Japan Center for International Communications, sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The article is about the Picton communications between Japanese and Korean children.
Kids Web Japan Top Page | English Article

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