March 29, 2012

 Tokyo-Seoul Webcam Activity Report

On Saturday March 24th, Webcam activity was held connecting OK Village in Tokyo, Japan and MIZY Village in Seoul, Korea. Children at these sites greeted, introduced themselves and played games together via webcam.
photo.jpg According to the survey held to 17 participating children at OK Village in Tokyo, Japan, only 40% of them answered that they either "Strongly like" or "Like" Korean people, however, the same rate went up to 80% after they played via webcam.

Multiple children in Tokyo answered that they "do not know" about Korea so well before the activity, however, after the activity, participants commented: "Their reactions are very funny", "They pay attention to us", "We can communicate by drawings without words", "I liked their Japanese pronunciations", "There are people like us in the other country", "I discovered there are many Koreans who laugh", "I found their names interesting. There are many funny kids, just like Japan", "It was good that we could do Pangaea together", "Koreans laughs often. They speak fast", "Japan and Korea are not very different", "I would like to play with Korean kids more", "They were kind to us despite difference of country". Children at two sites had a good time communicating with each other while looking at each other's faces through webcam.

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March 14, 2012

 Tokyo-Seoul Webcam Event for Youth

Press Release
NPO Pangaea will connect its two sites in Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, Korea in the afternoon of Saturday March 24, 2012 to organize the international exchange activities of youths of two cities. The event will be open to the press. For any interest, please contact us to check out the innovative international youth activity utilizing ICT, pictogram and translation services.
photo.jpg Date & Time:
Saturday March 24, 2012 13:30 – 16:30
OKWave HQ Office Meeting Room at Ebisu, Tokyo
Unosawa Tokyu Bldg. 5F 1-19-15 Ebisu Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0013 Japan
15 each youth in Tokyo and Seoul (9 to 15 years old)
Pangaea activity at Ebisu, Tokyo is supported by OKWave as a part of its CSR program.

Please see press release (PDF File) for detail.

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March 07, 2012

 March Activity at Mie, Japan

Mie Univ. activity on Sat March 3 was the last one of the school year. Participants took group photo for their memory and prepared message cards.
Answering the year-end survey, one girl said her best memory was to have introduced herself to Korean children, and a boy answered that the fun part of Pangaea is to become friends with foreign people by communication.

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March 03, 2012

 Pangaea Newsletter - March 2012

+ 100 Donors Campaign Updates:
Please introduce Pangaea to people around you!
+ Pangaea Ring - Ms. Michiyo Takeda
+ Activity Report in February 2012

100 Donors Campaign Updates:
Please introduce Pangaea to people around you!
Since the start of "Donation Campaign for 100 Donors" last December, Pangaea could receive 294,000 JPY donations from 57 donors as of now, exceeding half of the target! Thank you so much for your cooperation.

If Pangaea can obtain 3,000 JPY or more donations from 100 supporters annually, it will be authorized to give tax benefit to its donors based on the legal revision enforced as of June 2011 in Japan.

Pangaea is asking for the small-amount financial support from many people, for more stable running of the organization and the expansion of Pangaea activity.

Thank you so much for your continuous support to Pangaea! Please introduce Pangaea and its activity to people around you so they would also support us!

Please find out more detail about donation from below link:

Pangaea Ring - Ms. Michiyo Takeda
Hello everyone. My name is Michiyo Takeda. I am the mother of Kentaro Takeda who is the PANGEA member since the summer of 2010.

I was first introduced to PANGEA through Ms.Yumiko Mori, the President of PANGEA, and Ms. Ayako Edahiro.

4 years ago, when Kentaro was in his 4th grade, our family had moved from Akita prefecture to Chiba prefecture. Back then, everything, including living environment, was new to us. In amid of the various "Changes", Kentaro was unable to keep up the speed to fit him into the new environment and the school bullying had started.

It was such a time when I got to know PANGEA. The word of President Yumiko Mori from the PANGEA Rule "Do not do things that make others feel unpleasant", had cleared up my hazy heart.

Kentaro was like an alien from the rural country in the modern city. Surrounded by children who had different life values and spoke different language (dialect), he had tolerated the violence from other children "to become friends with them." Parents of those children had been quite indifferent to the attitudes of their violent children saying "that was a kind of a play", to whom I sensed the incompatibility and the agony. But now, I realize that those feelings were partially due to my prejudgment that this small world was the only place to live.

I still remember the astonishment of our first day of PANGEA. My son, who I had thought was introverted, had left me in a few seconds and joined the activity in a loud voice getting on with other members. Since then, "Mr. Takeda" had become the spry young boy of PANGEA!

When I ask Kentaro "How do you like PANGEA?", he shows the grim in his face and say "I enjoy meeting with various kinds of friends". It seems to me that his mind was opened up by realizing the fact that the school was not the only world he had and by seeing his possibility in PANGEA and in the friends he had made in all over the world through PANGEA. Since then, he had become capable of speaking in confidence and had become proactive in doing right things at school. In his mind the PANGEA rule "Do not do things that make others feel unpleasant" has been instilled.

This word is the treasure of Kentaro endowed by PANGEA. The school bullying still remains. However, I see the great opportunity in the future through the enhancement of the conviction of "not doing things that make others unpleasant" among Kentaro and his friends.

Activity Report in February 2012
---------------------------------------------------------------------- Children prepared Viscuit animation diary with the theme of winter in February OK Village activity in Tokyo, Japan. Check out another masterpiece animation created at OK Village!

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