October 06, 2015

 Pangaea Newsletter for October

Hello, this is Newsletter Editor Jyoko.
we have chosen our Volunteer of the Year! We chose Guts who not only worked hard at Kashiwa-no-ha as the Facility Leader, he also helped a lot with the summer school activities! He has written an introductory article for us about the changes he saw in the children and his thoughts and feelings while participating in KISSY.
Also in last week's Pangaea activities we used the KISSY chatting tool during the webcam activities between Kyoto and Tokyo.

1. Volunteer of the Year: Guts!
2. Webcam Activities between Tokyo's Honest Village and Kyoto Univ.

1. Volunteer of the Year: Guts
This year we have chosen Guts (Masanobu Ishimatsu) to be our volunteer of the year!

Every month, he has participated at Kashiwa-no-Ha as the Facility Leader. Also during KISSY, he helped the children as the leader for the teams which gathered from Kenya, South Korea and Japan.
You helped bring together everyone’s opinions in spite of the language differences, and much like a parent, you watched over the mischeivious boys. Thank you very much!

Please click the link below to see pictures and an essay about KISSY!
(The article has been written in Japanese, but you can see good photos)

Published by: Glolea

2.Webcam Activities between Tokyo's Honest Village and Kyoto Univ.
On Saturday, 26 September we had the webcam activities with Tokyo’s Honest Village and Kyoto Univ.!

You might be wondering why we are holding the activities between only Japanese people this time? There actually is a big difference between children from Tokyo and children from Kyoto, I realised. The children were very happy to be able to see the friends they had made in the KISSY Summer School again through the webcam.

We held a quiz using the KISSY tool.
They were asked, "Which countries have the Pangaea staff who are participating today been to?" The children were surprised to be told there were more than 50 countries we had visited so they should try and answer with as many as possible.

Using the KISSY tool, the children can use the chat tools to talk even if they don't share a native language (although this time everyone could speak Japanese...).
They were able to have discussions, but unlike in previous webcam activities, I thought it seemed more like they were communicating better. Then we tagged Kenya, Cambodia, South Korea and included the quiz. It's interesting to think about what results they might have.
The children were very creative, so we must come up with some good questions for them... :)

Please click the link below to see all about the activities!

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