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Are you looking for a project? Do you want to find something worthwhile to support financially? How about something that can provide all children with the opportunity to take advantage of ICT. You would see your support opening doors for youngsters to learn how to live with those who have different cultures and values, therefore creating a more peaceful future. If so, come and join the Pangaea Project!

Science has given humans many benefits, but it has not solved world problems. As UNESCO says, we must learn how to live in this culturally pluralistic era. To cultivate an individual in cultural diversity, it is very effective to give them experiences when they are young. In the past, this happened mainly through Exchange programs that generally cost a lot and were available only to a limited number of people. Through encounters with other cultures, children learn there are good people and bad people in every country. A boy who lives in Kenya can find people all over the world with the same likes and dislikes as him, while still finding that some people in his own community have totally different preferences.

Please join the circle of connecting children around the world in a way that goes beyond language, cultural, economic and religious differences. We are seeking partners now to implement this wonderful program where children can interact and communicate in our "Universal Playground" utilizing ICT.

If you want to see how ICT can benefit all children, through learning about other parts of the world, and teaching others about their community, Pangaea is the project for you to support. Aiming to create new ways for our children to live together on this planet, the project will provide the environment, materials, and systems necessary to feel a "bond" with those who live very far away.

If you want to see what happens to children who experience the joys of interactions with other children outside their country, Pangaea is the right project. We discovered, in our four years of running activities, that children learned how to imagine more, how to think from a different perspective, and how to communicate with one another in a positive manner.

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