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Voices of Activity Participants
Kenyan Girl (age 12) :
"It's fabulous. I can communicate with other kids from different countries using pictures and images, even though I don't understand their languages."
Korean Boy (age 11) :
"I had so much fun today. I am very happy to have Japanese and Austrian friends. I want to come back."
Japanese Girl (age 14) :
"Participating in activities gave me opportunities to know myself better: I found what I want to do."
Japanese Boy (age 11) :
"It is impossible to speak every single language of the world, so I want to communicate with others using Pictons."
Korean Boy (age 12) :
"I don't understand foreign languages, but I could understand what other kids tried to tell me through Picton messages. It's cool!"
Japanese Girl (age 12) :
"No one had ever given me compliments on my drawings, except my family. Today, I had great feedback on my artwork during activities. I feel so overjoyed."
Kenyan Girl (age 12) :
"I am thrilled! I think using Pictons makes communication easier, especially for those who have language barriers."

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