Jan 2006


-Yumi, Chief Executive Director's monthly note
-Toshi, Chief Technical Director's monthly note
-What's up in Pangaea's Playground? (Activity report)
-Pangaea Ring (A New Series to Introduce Pangaean)

Yumi's monthly note
Happy New Year! Today is January 2nd and I'm writing up the manuscript for December newsletter because there was hardly any time for me to take even a little rest last month. It was a very hectic month for me and the Pangaea staff. We have received numerous inquiries on our project and many calls for the interview appointments after the Japan-Korea synchronous activity in November.

The staff at the office has been very busy dealing with them. They have been working on packaging and revising Pangaea activity contents at the same time, to get ready for the Pangaea project to be launched at new locations at the end of January. We managed to take some days off for the New Year's, though!

I took this opportunity to go to Boston for the purpose of stowing my gear and I would like to write about the trip in this newsletter. It was just a 3 day-trip, with tiring flights having to go through 2 airports, JFK and La Guardia, before finally getting to Boston. The long flights, however, gave me the chance to think about the society and the people.

One was at the inspection area and another was when I saw the plastic knife on the plane. I've got mixed feelings when I was taken my finger prints of both hands and my facial portrait at the immigration for 'the security reasons'. I guess I'm not the only one who feels this way.

The trip was just a private one so I traveled business class using my mileage, just in time for its expiration. The in-flight meal was therefore very nice and satisfying except for that flimsy and toy like plastic knife. I imagine it would be quite a lot of work to eat a steak with it. As you know, the fork they provide us on the plane is a 'real' and 'proper' one. How could anyone tell a knife is more dangerous than a fork? For me, the fork seemed much more dangerous than the knife.

Oh, there was another thing that was not allowed on the plane, a lighter. I wonder what would come in the end after eliminating every suspicious thing on the plane. It could be justified in the name of 'security' or it could be said that we just live in 'the society' where it is difficult to trust other people.

I believe, however, we are all responsible for the situation because it is us who form the society. Moreover, in Japan, many violent cases against innocent children were reported at the end of last year. Watching the news, I could not help feeling that the society has been changing in the way we were related to each other. People seem to be becoming more sensitive about how to protect themselves from the possible danger. The society is no longer safe enough for the children. I feel very sad just to imagine the townscape with no children.

These were what I was thinking about on the New Year's Day. By the way, I will be traveling to Beijing, Seoul, Vienna and Nairobi with Mr. Takasaki from January 20th to March 8th. According to the weather forecast, the temperature in Seoul is -15 degrees C and Nairobi is 28 degrees C! I must adapt myself to the extreme temperatures! I should take good care of myself.

Thank you for your continuous attention and support for the Pangaea and I wish you all the happiest and the best for the New Year!

Toshi's monthly note
A Happy New Year!
Last year, Pangaea could hold many successful events like a new regular Pangaea location at Suginami, Japan and the Japan-Korea synchronous activity. I really appreciate for your support that led us to have such a great success to shift to a implementation phase from a creating phase.

I'm going on a trip to Beijing, Seoul, Vienna and Nairobi with Yumi Mori from Jan 20th to March 8th. The main purpose of this trip is to set up regular Pangaea locations. Also, I'm going to make a presentation at International Wordnet conference in Jeju- island, Korea on Pictogram communication paper which was accepted last year and having a Pangaea press conference in Nairobi, Kenya.

In addition to that, during this trip, I continue designing system and programming PangaeaNet system and Web-based version of Communicator with Pangaea R&D team members toward its release in this spring.

The year 2006 is time to take a step of implementation of Pangaea and Pangaea begins having regular Pangaea locations worldwide. We will package our activities' contents revised in much simpler and organized version, and provide it to each location. Pangaea is surely going to progress much more dynamically. Best wishes for a happy new year!

What's up in Pangaea's Playground? (Activity report by Seiji)
The year 2006 means a departure for Pangaea.
Pangaea is now standing on a new stage after a period of its creation.

This year, we will go through a big change and the project Pangaea will be in its full swing. There will be many events, new encounters or sometimes farewells.

Things will not always go well, sometimes they will be puzzling and bitter.

Starting from Japan, Korea, Kenya and Austria,
it is beyond our imagination how much we can expand the circle of relationship while feeling each other closer than before.

I always feel that your gentle eyes are the support for Pangaea. I appreciate your support last year.

And thank you very much for your continued general support in the year 2006 for us and for the world connected by the children.

Pangaea Ring (A New Series to Introduce Pangaean)
Happy New Year! My name is Yoshitake Takamizawa and I'm responsible for graphics. I'm working very hard to support other Pangaea staffs.

It was just a coincidence that joined Pangaea. Who can ever imagine that a wrong number could provide me with a new career? This envir- onment where I can always feel the energy of Ms. Mori and Mr. Takasaki inspires me and changes me for the better.

I'm just a novice, so they always give me advices, including critical ones. I vividly remember the words from Ms. Mori, when she sent me an e-mail and wrote, "I promise you that your experiences at Pangaea will become your new blood and flesh for your personal growth." I was moved to the point of tears when I read it.

Although my encounter with Pangaea was an unexpected one, I believe that it was my destiny. That's all for today and I wish you remember my name in the back on your head. Thank you for reading so far (-Word from the Chief Executive Director: Yes, it is me who dialed the wrong number and found a core designer for Pangaea! How lucky I am!)

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