September 11, 2008

 Seven Years after 9/11

We cannot forget this day now or ever. It was this day that inspired the creation of Pangaea. Thousands of days later, 200 volunteers dedicated to connecting the world's children, as well as over 3000 children have participated in total. Little by little, we have learned lessons of persistence, hard work, and responsibility. Although much difficulty still lies ahead, we will continue on, never forgetting the reason we created Pangaea.

Last week, we received news from UNESCO that Kenya will be participating again. This month however it's Seoul, where we will be further strengthening the connections Pangaea has forged between children in Korea and Japan. While it is not entirely certain why our relations with Korea are proceeding at such a rapid pace, we undoubtedly owe immense gratitude to the director, facilitators, and volunteers at Seoul's Mizy Center. This time we will be creating animated movies.

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